Security Policy

The security that a casino offers its players is one of the most significant considerations players make when choosing an online casino. The nature of information shared between the parties is sensitive and confidential and should therefore be protected at all costs.

The main objective of the casino’s security policy is to keep the sensitive information and transactions shared between the casino and the player safe and private. This is done to support the core business of the casino to function with as few disruptions as possible, keeping the trust of every player.

The casino will ensure that any information shared and stored is safe and stored with integrity. Your information is also available to you at any time.

The information security policy sets out the objectives, risks and responsibilities of the security around the information that changes hands to and from the casino and players. It also sets out who is responsible for the policy’s design, implementation and review.

Information security objectives

Information Security Objectives

The information security objective is to keep information safe from third parties. This includes all measures taken to keep players, the casino’s property and any financial transactions secure. These measures are meant to protect against any threats, whether accidental or on purpose, from internal or external sources.

Furthermore, the information security objectives ensure that all business operations are in place without disrupting its core and supporting functions. All information has absolute credibility and is available to parties who require it as part of the core or supporting business functions.

The information security policy is in place to ensure that all information is stored and managed in such a manner that it’s safe and accessible to only the relevant parties, with necessary confidentiality processes in place.

There is adequate protection in place for all the business information from any internal or external threats, whether deliberate or accidental.

Information Security Policy

It’s good to understand the security policy so that all parties are adequately informed.

It’s the purpose of the information security policy to ensure that:

  1. Only parties who require access will be allowed to have access to confidential information, working on the principle of least privilege.
  2. All information will be made available according to strict protection levels. This protects valuable and sensitive information from any breach due to unauthorised disclosure or interruptions, whether avoidable or not.
  3. When any changes to the casino’s systems are made, the casino must ensure stability, security and availability of all confidential information.
  4. The integrity of information is of the utmost importance, whether it be client or business information.
  5. An industry-leading platform that provides world-class security and entertainment to all our stakeholders is given.
  6. All applicable legislative and regulatory requirements will be adhered to, ensuring that the casino stays compliant with all national and international privacy and security policies.All information will be made available according to strict protection levels. This protects valuable and sensitive information from any breach due to unauthorised disclosure or interruptions, whether avoidable or not.
  7. All staff and required stakeholders will receive information security education, training and awareness to ensure that all stakeholders are knowledgeable about information security and allow them to understand how to implement relevant policies thoroughly.
  8. The casino will hold a required system of reporting. This means that any suspected or actual breaches in security will be reported and investigated thoroughly.
  9. The casino will ensure that all information security processes are in place, which provides the control of access to all information.
  10. To protect business activities and processes, continuity systems will be in place. This system will counteract any interruptions in business activity to ensure that information security protocols stay in place.

Information Security Risks

All information security is managed through an Information Risk Management Framework. This framework has been adopted to ensure the timely identification of and response to any risks. The Information Risk Management Framework allows businesses to adopt a risk-based approach to make integrated and appropriate decisions.


It’s essential that all parties understand their role in information security. Management, staff and players each have a defined part in keeping information secure.

The responsibility of understanding, correctly implementing and following the information security policy does not only fall within the scope of responsibilities of the managers at the casino but also all the staff members.

Under the scope of management duties, a manager must adequately implement the information security policy with their teams. Managers must also adhere to the policy and ensure the correct chain of command when possible breaches are reported. The management representative is responsible for designing, implementing, planning and executing the ISMS within the casino.

All staff must ensure that they follow the information security policy and participate when any workshops or training are presented. They must ensure that they follow the correct chain of command when suspecting a security breach. It is the responsibility of all staff members to implement and execute the ISMS within the casino.

The casino also has an internal auditor, who is tasked with the responsibility of reviewing the effectiveness of the information security policy. The policy is subject to change in accordance with the findings of the internal auditor.

Players must ensure that they have the necessary firewalls and anti-virus programmes on their devices, whether desktop or mobile, to stop malware from accessing any data shared between the parties. This is often the weakest point in information security, and the casino implores that players take the necessary steps to keep information secure.