VPN Casinos 2024

If the phrase “VPN casinos” is new to you, but has sparked some curiosity, then this guide to VPN casinos for Kiwis is the ideal place to begin your own VPN casino journey.

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is a service, which allows you to disguise your point of origin. Your computer or internet device is identifiable to other internet users (websites and services) via what’s known as an Internet Protocol (IP) address. Your IP address informs other web entities about precisely where you are located in the world. This is necessary in order for your device to communicate with other devices, facilitating the upload or download of all data.

Your unique IP address is also a very easy way for online entities or governments to restrict access based on various international or local laws along with other factors.
The same can be said for international casinos. Most online casino sites will have a long list of restricted countries and locations. As soon as you open a particular online casino’s homepage, your IP address is scanned. If you happen to be accessing from a restricted country or region, a pop-up message will inform you that you are forbidden from accessing that casino’s content.

In order to get around this issue, many experienced gamblers simply use a VPN service from a choice of VPN providers in order to disguise their IP address. When they open the casino’s landing page, the system will read the new IP address (from a permitted country) and allow access. Think of VPNs as cloaking devices, allowing you to go where you couldn’t go before.

Best VPN Casinos In NZ

Ready to try a top VPN casino for yourself? We’ve curated the best VPN casino options for New Zealand players. These gambling sites contain all of your favourite features including:
1.Great welcome bonus offers
2.An excellent range of top pokies and casino games
3.Play in crypto or NZD
4.Secure payment options
5.Ability to gamble safely using your preferred VPN

Best VPN Casinos

Checkout these top VPN casinos for NZ:

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  • Live Casino

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  • Mobile Casino

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100% Matched Deposit + Bonus Up To 5BTC

How VPN Works

Over the past few years, the use of Virtual Private Network services has exploded in popularity worldwide.

This has a lot to do with several factors including:

  • A greater need for internet privacy
  • The need to overcome regional restrictions
  • The desire to access sensitive content or risk-related content securely and safely
  • The need to create an effective filter or buffer between user and websites visited

The core function of a VPN is to create or establish a protected network connection over any public network. Your VPN works to encrypt all of your internet ‘traffic’ and thus effectively disguise your online identity. The result is that it then becomes quite a bit harder for any third party trackers to latch on to your online adventures and pirate your sensitive and/or personal data.

VPN services work by altering your actual IP address. To do this, the VPN service redirects your address through special pre-configured VPN servers. In practice, as soon as you use your VPN to surf the net, it is the VPN that then becomes the source of your data interaction and/or transfer. What this boils down to is that your internet service provider (ISP) can no longer track or ‘see’ the websites that you choose to visit. This goes for any other third parties as well. Another way to think of a VPN is like a scrambling device that scrambles your data, making it useless to any third party, in the unlikely event that they get their hands on it.

Why use VPNs?

  • Secure real-time encryption
  • Disguise your current location
  • Access any regional-specific or restricted content
  • Secure data transfer

Did you know? All VPNs pretty much do the same thing but will differ in the scope of services that they make available to you as the user. Unfortunately, while you can try most for free, the best ones will always be paid for options.

The best approach is to try a top 10 list of best VPN services by taking advantage of their (usually) included trial period. This is free and, if you like the service, switching to the paid version is easy enough. Of course, if you don’t like the chosen VPN, you can end the trial period and try another one. Just be sure not to add any credit card details or commit to a buy-in clause before trying the trial version out.

Types of VPN Casinos

Types of VPN Casinos

It is important to keep in mind that a VPN casino isn’t some type of specialised online casino. It is an online casino that simply allows members to use VPNs to access games, make deposits, take bonuses, and so forth.

​​This clear understanding matters when it comes to actually choosing the online VPN-friendly casino that you want to play at and, more importantly, decide to invest your hard-earned cash with. There is no difference in what to look for, as you would with any online casino option for the NZ market. The same selection process applies.

When deciding on a VPN casino, always take note of the following criteria:

  • Regulation through an approved agency such as the Malta Gaming Authority or NZ Gambling Commission
  • Web security in the form of SSL encryption and VPN-friendly access
  • Good welcome bonus offers with reasonable wagering requirements
  • Transparent terms and conditions
  • A good reputation and track record
  • Safe and efficient Kiwi-friendly payment options
  • Good range of pokies and casino games from reputable software providers
  • Secure mobile gambling option, either in app or HTML5 form
  • Efficient and friendly customer support options, including live chat, preferably available 24/7
  • Fast payout timeframes and a decent conflict resolution track record
  • Play in NZD and crypto options

Most VPN-friendly casinos follow the same basic format in terms of gaming platforms and will offer a selection of pokies, card and table games, live casino games, bingo and more. You’ll also find VPN casinos that branch out to include a sports betting side, while other VPN-friendly casinos will offer a dedicated app for your mobile gaming.

You can really maximise your online anonymity and safety by combining your favourite VPN service with your preferred crypto currency.

How to Access VPN Casinos

Accessing VPN casinos starts with the VPN itself. You can try different VPNs to see which one will give you the tools that you need to be able to enjoy a near-seamless online casino experience. Once you’ve selected your preferred VPN service, create an account with them so that you can either take advantage of their free trial offer or, if you’re happy with them, purchase the full VPN service.

Next, launch your preferred browser after activating your VPN tunnel/portal. Your VPN will indicate your original IP address before indicating your new IP address. Once up and running, visit your online casino of choice and either log in (for an existing account) or sign up with them. If the casino insists on getting your mobile number including an area dialling code, this could indicate that the casino in question is in fact not that VPN-friendly. In that case, you may need to select a different casino to start with.

Your best starting point to finding the perfect VPN casino for your needs is to work through our recommended VPN casinos for NZ list at the top of this page. These have already been reviewed and tested by us to ensure trouble-free VPN casino gaming.

Once you’ve signed up with the casino, you’ll be able to go ahead and choose your preferred payment method from the available list. Most casinos will feature a few good NZ favoured payment methods like Google Pay, PayPal or Bitcoin. You can also take advantage of their sign up bonus offer once you’ve made your qualifying deposit. Be sure to read all relevant terms and conditions such as actual bonus amounts, wagering requirements and expiry deadlines before taking any offers.

Security of VPN Casinos

As with any online casino, safety and security is of paramount importance. Never play at an online casino that does not feature real-time SSL digital encryption along with independently audited RNGs (Random Number Generators), even if it happens to be a VPN-friendly casino. In addition, online casinos that feature genuine licensing and regulation through a proper and recognised body should be your only option.

Our approved list of VPN casinos is the best place to start playing, and you should be able to find at least two or three that tick all of your boxes. Following this advice, VPN casinos are among the safest and most secure online casino options available.

Pros & Cons of VPN Casinos

Like any user service, there are always a number of pros and a number of cons to using it. The following VPN casino pros and cons are worth considering:

  • Great for online anonymity
  • Provide excellent data protection
  • Gain unrestricted access to otherwise restricted content
  • Access bigger and better casino bonuses and other perks
  • Combine VPN with crypto for ultimate online privacy and freedom
  • May not work with casino restrictions such as KYC verification
  • Good VPN services are not free
  • Free VPNs are very restrictive
  • Can slow down your internet speed
  • Can be risky as the encryption type is not always clear

Regulations for VPN Casinos

All of our recommended VPN-friendly casino options feature legit licensing which can be traced through the proper gambling authority. This includes government-based online gambling regulators like the New Zealand Gambling Commission. Of course, there are other top regulators that are industry-based, such as the Malta Gaming Authority, which licenses and regulates a number of top online casinos operating in New Zealand.

If you decide to go casino hunting on your own through your VPN, always remember to check that the casino that you’re interested in holds an official licence from a recognised regulator. One way to go about this is to click on the regulatory authority’s logo. This should take you directly to their website where you can view the licensing information of the casino in question. If the casino does not feature a regulatory link, don’t spend any more of your time on that casino site.

Popular VPN Casino Games

VPN-friendly casinos offer the full range of popular casino games for your enjoyment. We always recommend starting with the list of VPN-friendly casinos found on this page as they’ve all been thoroughly tested and vetted by us for the best gaming experiences.

If you’re new to online casino gaming or, indeed, online VPN casino gaming, you can expect to find the following gaming options:


By far the most popular VPN casino game and always a favourite among Kiwis. Online pokies generally represent great value for money, since you can fine tune your coin size to suit your playing budget. Moreover, pokies are usually chock-full of special bonus features designed to help maximise your winnings.

Pokies are a great place to start if you’re new to online casino gaming, since they are dead easy to play. They’re also a lot of fun and you can usually pick from thousands of styles, themes and game features. Basically, you’ll never run out of options when playing online pokies.

Card and Table Games

VPN casinos are a great place to explore some classic casino card and table games. While pokies tend to be more about having fun and chasing big paylines or jackpots, casino card and table games often attract the more serious casino gamblers. Betkiwi breaks down a few must-play casino games when starting out with your VPN casino.


Arguably, the most popular of all casino card games, blackjack comes in a variety of options including single deck blackjack, multi-hand blackjack, live dealer blackjack and many others. It is a very easy game to learn to play at a basic level, that anyone can pick up quite quickly.


If blackjack is the most popular casino game, then roulette is the most iconic. Most people would picture a spinning roulette table when asked to think about casino games. While roulette is a bit more complicated than blackjack, it’s still a relatively easy game to play and beginners can start out by simply making basic or even money bets, also known as ‘outside’ bets. This entails betting on either black or red to win, an odd or even number to win and so forth. Roulette comes in a variety of forms, including American Roulette, French Roulette and European Roulette. Live roulette increases these variations even more with games like Lightning Roulette, Double Ball Roulette and many others.

Video Poker

Similar in ease of play to pokies, video poker is an ideal starter game for Kiwis looking to get into online poker. This is because video poker combines certain elements found in pokies (slots) with a simple 5 card poker hand. All you have to do is decide if you have a winning hand. If not, you can ‘throw away’ weak cards in a second round where they’ll be replaced with new cards. The machine then tallies up your hand and you either win some money or lose the hand. There are plenty of great variations found in video poker, with popular titles including Aces & Faces, Jacks or Better, Super Aces Bonus Poker, and many more.

VPN Live Dealer Casino

VPN live dealer casino games give you the best of both worlds – the convenience of online casino gaming in the comfort of your own home, with the excitement and intensity of real live casino gaming. The variety of tables is astonishing, with dozens of variations in live blackjack, roulette, poker, baccarat and assorted live novelty games.

Benefits of VPN Casinos

There are plenty of great benefits that come with using a VPN-friendly casino:

  • Bypass local regulations and restrictions
  • Prevent any third parties from accessing your data or monitoring your activities online
  • All data is automatically encrypted
  • Take advantage of even better bonuses and promotions normally only available to certain preferred regions or territories
  • VPNs promote enhanced online security along with enhanced safe gaming practices
  • Prevent the threat of online identity theft or payment method security breaches
  • Access otherwise restricted game types or enable certain features within the game
  • Avoid cyber censorship

Strategies for VPN Casino Games

Before deciding to take on a few VPN casino games, it may be worth your time to explore some related game strategies. As you may have guessed by now, VPN casino games are the same as ‘regular’ casino games, there’s no difference. All you’re really doing here is playing casino games through your VPN for added safety and anonymity.

Basic Blackjack Strategy

If you’re looking to become a pro blackjack ace, you’ll need to get to grips with basic blackjack strategy. Essentially, it is a system combining player responses to various hand combinations. One of the biggest advantages to understanding and implementing a basic blackjack strategy, is that it can take an already low house advantage down further, potentially as low as 0.5%.

Advanced Blackjack Strategies

Once you’ve mastered basic blackjack strategy, consider further enhancing your online blackjack gaming experience with some of these more advanced blackjack strategies:

  • Flat-Betting Method: A strategy that requires you to bet the same amount every time on every bet.
  • Positive-Progression Wagering: Make good use of your winning streaks to capitalise on top payouts.
  • Negative-Progression Wagering: The opposite strategy is to increase your bet after each losing hand.
  • Martingale System: A popular betting method that neither Wayne or Olivia recommend using. The idea here is to double your bet amount every time you lose a hand. This can be a very quick ticket to losing your entire bankroll and being out of the game entirely.
  • Oscar’s Grind: Low key strategy designed to work over the long game. Works on even money payouts.

Roulette Strategy

Like blackjack, many betting strategies have been developed for this centuries-old casino table game. That said, there are two essential betting options with any roulette game; outside betting and inside betting.

Outside Betting

As the name implies, outside betting occurs outside the main numbered grid that dominates the roulette table. Outside bets are ideal for casual roulette players, novices and beginners. These are easy bets to make and offer low-risk gaming since they are either even money (1:1) bets or 2:1 bets.

Inside Betting

Inside roulette betting refers to betting on individual numbers or various combinations of numbers found within the actual number grid. These bets are considered to be slightly higher in risk, but offer a much higher payout for a win.

Did you know? American roulette offers the highest house edge at over 5.26%. The addition of the double zero decreases winning odds when compared to European or French roulette versions. Theoretically, French roulette offers the best value and lowest house edge (2.7% for non-even money bets and 1.35% for even money bets).

Summary of VPN Casinos

Employing a good and reliable VPN to explore and enjoy a host of online casino content presents many advantages, making it a very attractive option. By using a VPN, players are able to overcome often unnecessary restrictions on bonus money or gaming content. In addition, players’ overall online security and anonymity is significantly enhanced, which is always a good thing.

Here at betkiwi we recommend that you begin by exploring any of our recommended VPN casino options listed in this guide. We’ve personally tested each one to ensure absolute safety and an overall positive gaming experience. All of our casino recommendations are specifically aimed at the NZ market.

FAQs About VPN Casinos

If you’re still not sure about how VPN casinos work or would like a bit more clarity, perhaps our VPN casino FAQs may be able to answer anything we may have left out of this betkiwi VPN casino guide.

What is a VPN?

A VPN is a Virtual Private Network and is designed to disguise your actual IP address when using the internet. Instead of seeing your real location, online websites will only be able to see whatever location you choose when using your VPN.

How do I play at an online casino using a VPN?

The first step is to get a good VPN and sign up to create an account with them. Once you are set up, simply switch on your VPN and visit your online casino of choice.

Can I play at any online casino using a VPN?

No, it’s not advisable to play at just any online casino when using a VPN. This is very important to note, since not all online casinos are fine with players using VPNs to bet. Due to certain licensing regulations and legal clauses, many online casinos ban the use of VPNs and, if you’re caught betting and winning while using your VPN, you could forfeit all of your winnings and even your entire bankroll. Non-VPN friendly casinos stipulate this in their terms and conditions. Even if you use a VPN, when it comes to submitting KYC documents, you will be found out. If you want to play using your VPN, we recommend that you only use the casinos that we recommend as these are certified VPN-friendly casino options.

How do I find the right VPN for me?

A good way to find the ideal VPN for your needs is to research the top VPN lists for 2024. Most VPN options offer a trial period, allowing you to test its features for free before committing to a paid version.

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