Online Keno in New Zealand

Online Keno is a simple and convenient casino game that has gained popularity in New Zealand. With draws occurring every 3.30 minutes, players have a chance to win cash prizes up to NZD200,000. By utilizing the Keno Bonus feature, players can potentially multiply their winnings up to 10 times.

Keno’s increasing popularity in New Zealand is due to its unique blend of lottery and Bingo elements. To play online Keno for real money, it’s essential to understand the game’s rules, payout system, and how to make informed bets.

This Keno page presents information about top keno casinos, how to play Keno, steps for playing Keno and most drawn numbers.

Best keno casinos online in New Zealand

Best Casinos to Play Keno

Playing online keno is straightforward, which is why it is highly popular throughout New Zealand. Online keno is as simple as predicting which numbers the Keno machine will choose. Winnings increase as you get closer to being right. Keno games are now available to players at many online casinos because the game is easy and becoming more popular. Here is a list of the best keno casinos online.

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What is Keno?

Similar to the lottery, Keno is a game of chance, often found in modern casinos and some lotteries. There are 80 numbers available for players to choose from. A random number generator (RNG) or a ball machine similar to those used in lotteries and Bingo is used to randomly draw 20 (or fewer) numbers after every player makes their wagers.


The paytables of Keno vary from casino to casino and usually have a greater house edge than other casino games. There is a range of house edges between less than 4% and over 35%. Most casino games other than slots have a house edge of less than 5%.

The player’s payout is determined by the number of numbers selected by him and the number he hits, multiplied by a percentage of his bet according to the base rate in the paytable. A player typically gets a better payout when they hit more numbers, though pay tables reward players for hitting fewer numbers.

For example, casinos can pay NZD500 or more to a player who misses the 20 spots on a NZD5.00 wager. The payouts vary greatly from casino to casino. While most casinos allow players to place wagers on up to 20 numbers from the paytable on a given game, some allow players to choose 2, 10, 12, or 15 spots.

There is a 1 in 3.5 quintillion chance of hitting every single number when you buy a ticket with 20 places. Although it is extremely unlikely that a player would hit every number on a 20-spot ticket, players will also typically get paid for catching numbers 0 to 19 on a 20-spot ticket. Keno has a simple objective: a random number generator will pick 20 of the 80 numbers. To receive the biggest payout, you must choose as many numbers as possible before making a draw to maximise your payout.

Learn to play keno online

How To Play Keno NZ?

The best way to win real money in NZ while enjoying great online entertainment is to play Keno online. Due to its simplicity and generous jackpots, Keno NZ can also be played by casino amateurs simply because it is very simple to play. If you play standard lotteries, Keno is very familiar to you since it is a game of numbers. It is also a game of chance, with a little strategic element.

To play Keno NZ, choose your lucky numbers, put them into play, and then wait to see whether they appear in the game’s draw. Four draws are held daily at 10am, 1pm, 3pm, and 4pm. A random selection of 20 Keno numbers is made from 80, plus a Multiplier from 1.5, 2, 3, 5, or 10. Your winnings are decided by how many Keno numbers you have played.

You can play Keno NZ your way. The number of lines to play, the amount spent per line, how many draws you want and the option of adding a multiplier to boost your winnings up to ten times are all up to you. You will have to double your ticket cost if you use a multiplier. You can play keno NZ in three ways:

Dip With Dips, you select a line, and a random number will be chosen. Then, choose the number of draws and times you would like to participate in, and you are ready to go. Keno Multipliers can increase your winnings up to ten times when added to any Dip
You choose the numbers Pick the number of lines and the amount you want to spend (1-10), and the wagering will begin. After that, choose your number. A Keno ticket allows you to play a maximum of 20 lines. You can also select the draw times and the number of draws at 10am, 1pm, 3pm, or 6pm. Your winnings can be multiplied by 10 when you add Keno Multiplier
The favourites When you save your favourite Keno numbers as a Favourite, you can play them repeatedly. You can save tickets as favourites when you purchase them. An option allows you to create a Favourite without making a purchase. Alternatively, you can save any active tickets as a Favourite

You can find different odds and payouts for online Keno games at each New Zealand casino site. Before you sign up to play Keno online at our top-rated New Zealand casinos, it is beneficial to compare odds and jackpots at the best ones.

Pokies are similar to Keno in that they’re easy to play and have great prizes to offer. Furthermore, you don’t have to spend much time playing games. There is quite a bit of action in this game, so you’ll know in no time when you win or lose.


Dips use a randomly generated number, which you select a line. You can select how many draws you would like to participate in and what time suits you best. By adding Keno Multipliers to any Dip, you’ll be able to multiply your winnings by ten times. Depending on how much you wager, a Dip can pick your numbers automatically. You can bet as little as NZD1, NZD5, NZD10 for a single draw, or as much as NZD28 for seven draws.

Keno rules

Steps For Playing Keno

There are no complicated rules when it comes to Keno. The game resembles a custom bingo game or an instant lottery. There are 80 numbers available to pick from, and you can choose from two, ten, fifteen, or twenty. Then, 20 numbers will be randomly selected, with the game rewarding you based on your matching. Follow these steps to complete the process:

  • Sign up with a trusted online casino: You can register for free in just a few minutes by choosing one of the casinos featured on our site. Choose an online keno game that you’ll enjoy playing.
  • Use the online keno card to select numbers: Using an auto-pick or clicking them is an option. A game can have between two and twenty options (1-80), and you can select two or 20 of them. To illustrate, let’s pick ten keno numbers.
  • You can now place your bets: To set your stake, click the play buttons. Most games usually have a minimum of NZD 0.5 to a maximum of NZD5. For most people, NZD1 is the perfect starting point. In some games, you may find a multiplier option.
  • You can play a round: The game starts by clicking the Play or Draw buttons. The online keno card has 20 numbers highlighted by Random Number Generators (RNGs) and represented by balls. Some keno games allow you to play several rounds in a row.
  • See the Keno results: You will receive a payout if you catch enough numbers. If three numbers match, you get a payout of 1x the bet, and if all ten numbers match, you get a payout of 10,000x the bet.
  • You can try again: Now it’s time to start a new round. It’s up to you whether you want to stick with the same numbers and stakes or try something new. It is even possible to play at a casino using a mobile device.

Depending on the game selected, Keno odds and payouts may vary. There is no mystery to Keno’s odds. It’s very straightforward to understand. Their value depends on the number of numbers selected and matches. The odds of catching some numbers improve as you select more numbers.

Additionally, the odds determine how much the prize will be. In Keno, you can win as much as 200,000x your bet according to the number of matches. It would also help if you kept in mind that not every keno game pays the same amount.

In Keno, winning one round doesn’t make a good strategy. Playing with structure and improving your Keno results NZ are the goals. You can win more if you manage your account properly and don’t place big bets early. Keeping this in mind will allow you to remain in control.

Keno Most Drawn Numbers

Here is a unique look at the all time 24 Keno most drawn numbers. With the Keno Numbers Most Drawn tool, you can see the draw frequency for any NZ Keno number.

Number Hits frequency Hits Rate
27 5517 25.60%
65 5500 25.52%
35 5499 25.51%
12 5498 25.51%
50 5493 25.49%
49 5484 25.44%
3 5482 25.43%
40 5481 25.43%
32 5481 25.43%
31 5473 25.39%
33 5466 25.36%
39 5461 25.34%
2 5456 25.31%
69 5443 25.25%
43 5439 25.24%
22 5437 25.23%
63 5436 25.22%
34 5436 25.22%
52 5429 25.19%
7 5428 25.18%
42 5428 25.18%
59 5425 25.17%
10 5421 25.15%
9 5418 25.14%

You can find out which numbers come out most often with NZ Keno Numbers Most Drawn, giving you an idea if you should risk including them in your selection or avoid them.

Key Facts About Keno

There’s always the chance of winning big money based on nothing more than good luck in this game of chance and random luck. Keno can also be a good replacement for high-skill games if you want something more relaxed. If you are planning on playing Keno online, here are a few facts you should know before getting started.

Keno Didn’t Always Use Numbers

It’s easy to play Keno online nowadays. Each player selects a certain number from 1 to 80 for their card – generally 15 or 20. It’s also worth pointing out thatKeno is originally a Chinese game. As the game spread worldwide, Chinese immigrants brought it to the United States in the 19th century. Until 1951, many Nevada casinos accompanied each number with a racehorse’s name.

The Outcome Depends Entirely on Luck

As with lotteries, NZ Keno involves getting as many correct numbers as possible. Like with lotteries, you cannot employ a strategy that will improve your odds. Twenty numbers are randomly selected in online Keno. Having them match your choices makes you extremely lucky. You will likely match between four and six out of the 20 spots on your ticket.

Progressive Jackpots Are Possible

Casinos offering progressive jackpots on Keno games, such as those, are particularly common in large land-based casinos. Consequently, the higher the payout, the more games will pass without a jackpot winner. One day, a jackpot winner emerges, and the maximum payout is reset to a certain amount. For casual players, progressive jackpots might not be feasible due to the large wagers or higher-number totals needed to qualify.

Perfecting A 20 For 20 Card Is An Unimaginable feat

Casino gamblers often mention the Megabucks progressive slot machine jackpot when discussing the longest shots in the game. There is a probability of 1 in 49,836,032 that Megabucks players will succeed in chasing massive prizes starting at NZD10 million.

Generally, the odds of having your life touched by lightning are approximately 700000 to one. So, making Megabucks jackpot winnings extremely rare, if not impossible. However, the odds against filling out a perfect keno card pale compared to winning the Powerball jackpot. There is no doubt that catching the whole 20 numbers in keno is an impossible dream. The chances of doing so are 1 in 3,535,316,142,212,174,320.

There Is A High House Edge

The good news is that there is a high house edge associated with Keno, as it is one of the most popular casino games. A return on investment for slot machines is usually about 95%, while a return on investment for blackjack is around 99.3% when played correctly. Casinos can decide the pay table for keno, the casino edge can range from 15 to 30%, depending on the pay table.

If You Guess 20/20 Numbers Correctly, You Could Become a Billionaire

There’s one Keno fact that’s crazier than the rest. This game is played primarily for Keno winning, not learning about its history. We’ll show you one of the strangest Keno facts that will surely blow your mind.

Generally, Keno is a game where you guess 1-20 numbers. Picking the correct number increases your chances of Keno winning. Can you imagine the result of hitting the jackpot by matching 20/20? With 1 in 3,535,316,142,212,174,320 odds of catching 20 numbers, you will become a billionaire.

In other words, if you win all your picks, you will be super lucky! You have a 1 in 3.5 quintillion chance of doing so. It’s your chance to win. Join our top casino, so don’t miss it!

Keno Online Facts

  1. In a similar way to lottery games, Keno is a game of chance.
  2. Players pick numbers, usually up to 20, and hope that they are drawn.
  3. You can play Keno at casinos, online and offline.
  4. In Keno, the house edge ranges from 15 to 30%, which means that the casino has an advantage over the player when playing this game.
  5. Keno has an odds of 1 in 253.801 of hitting ten numbers.
  6. Keno has an odds of 1 in 4.287 of hitting five numbers.
  7. Keno has an odds of 1 in 8.009 of hitting three numbers..
  8. Keno has an odds of 1 in 86.446 of hitting one number.
  9. It is estimated that the average cost of playing keno is $1.
  10. A Keno game is purely a game of chance without the use of skill or strategy.
  11. There are 80 numbers on the Keno board from 1 to 80.
  12. Each game allows players to choose between 1 to 20 numbers to bet on.

Similar Games To Keno

There’s something about Keno that makes you want to play it over and over again. Sometimes you might not want to play Keno online, or you might want to change it up a little.

Until you are back at home in front of your computer or for something to play while taking a brief break from Keno, you might as well think of other Keno-like games to keep yourself entertained until you are back at home. You can play some of these games until you can return to real Keno, then return to playing the real thing.


With Bingo still gaining popularity online and in Bingo halls worldwide, the game has been around for ages. Callers draw balls or numbers and announce them to Bingo players based on predetermined numbers on each card. After completing a line on their card, a player calls out “Bingo.” The game will be completed after each player checks his card to determine his winning status.


There is nothing more exciting than playing Backgammon with a friend. In Backgammon, two players compete against each other. Your goal is to remove all your checkers from the board by moving them into your home board. The winner of the game is the player whose checkers are removed from the board first.

The number of moves a player can make is determined by rolling the dice. In addition to this ancient game, Backgammon is one of the easiest games to transport because it folds over and closes like a briefcase.


The world’s most popular game is the Lotto. Every nation plays Lotto, and each state and province has its own. Choosing a Lotto game is the first step for a player. The player is required to pick a certain number after deciding which game to play.

The numbers may be called within the next week or two. A winner is declared if all of the numbers are matched. Whoever matches the next highest number will win if no one matches all numbers. The winnings will then be split between the players if there are more winners.


A game that has been around for ages, Roulette is also simply amazing. A spinning wheel with 37 numbered slots surrounds the table, where players drop balls into numbered slots until one falls into the winning slot.

The bets are placed according to where players predict the ball will fall. The player can place a bet on one number, groups of numbers, or a combination of numbers. Players can wager up to the maximum amount on the table with numerous bets.

FAQ about Keno

What are the best 5 numbers to play in Keno?

According to their particular variant of Video Keno, the five Keno most drawn numbers are 27, 65, 35, 12, and 50, though these numbers may change based on the previous draw.

What is the best bet in Keno?

There is always a 1 in 80 chance of drawing any particular ball in Keno since there are 80 numbers in total. How many numbers you pick determines the odds and payouts of Keno. Choosing 20 numbers will have a better chance of drawing at least two.

How many numbers do you need in Keno to win?

A total of 80 numbers are available for you to pick from, of which you can select 2, 10, 15, or 20. For you to win, you need to have two numbers.

What are some strategies for winning at Keno?

Here are a few key Keno strategies that have proven effective among many players worldwide. Playing Keno online for free here is a great way to try them yourself, and you don’t have to pay anything to begin. Make sure your casino (and games) have a better payout To learn more about the game, try it for free Pick four or eight numbers Choose between Consecutive Numbers and Cold Numbers

How can I use maths to predict the numbers in Keno?

The probability of making a correct prediction in Keno is mathematically impossible.

Why should I play online keno?

Online keno has many benefits. One of the main advantages of online casino games is that it provides a very convenient way for people to play the game. The game can be played at home. Free play is another benefit. You can play free keno games at many online casinos before wagering any money.

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