Editorial Principles

Here at Betkiwi, we pride ourselves on being an online casino games tips one-stop site. Our information helps you navigate the online casino industry effortlessly.

At Betkiwi, we value editorial integrity and transparency above all else. We are committed to providing our readers with accurate, unbiased information. The best way to do that is to adhere to a strict set of editorial practices. Our articles undergo rigorous editorial evaluations before publishing to meet these principles.

Editorial principles

Betkiwi Editorial Principles

The editorial team at Betkiwi commits to providing value to the readers. We do this by publishing accurate, informative and objective information. Our editorial content should be trustworthy, informative, and entertaining.

Betkiwi’s editorial principles guide everything we do, from game reviews to the online gambling sites we recommend. Principles are the foundation of our company, so they help us give you reliable insights about playing online. We hope that you find our editorial principles to be useful and informative.

To consistently give you iGaming insights, we adhere to the following editorial principles:


We strive to ensure that all the information we publish is accurate and factual. Our writers double-check facts before publishing any information. We have no room for unverifiable information on BetKiwi.


We present iGaming information fairly and evenly. Our goal is to give readers the information they need to make an informed decision.


We always address our readers fairly and with the utmost respect. We also encourage our readers to treat each other fairly in the comments section.


We disclose any potential conflicts of interest before publishing. Our articles have a disclaimer whenever necessary. We also disclose how we finance our website (advertising, affiliate commissions, etc.).

We wish to remain a reliable source of information for everyone visiting our site, and as such trust these principles to guide us.

Core Elements of Editorial Principles

Core Elements Of Editorial Principles

At Betkiwi, our key objective is to inform readers through engaging articles and reviews. To achieve this, our editorial process incorporates critical elements with the audience in mind. The core elements that guide our editorial decisions are:

Verifiable information

We strive for accuracy in everything we publish. This includes ensuring that factual content is accurate and presented in context. We also verify the accuracy of our reviews and statistics. If we make a mistake, we correct it promptly and transparently.

Just and fair writing

We treat all games and sites reviewed on our site fairly and equally. We strive to avoid bias regardless of their commercial value or our personal interests. We consider players’ diverse needs in our writing process. As a result, we can present information fairly and do the subject justice.


We are independent of any external pressure or influence, including advertising partners, governments, political groups, and special interests. Our editorial decisions are based solely on what we believe is in the best interest of our readers.


We are open about our editorial process and decision-making criteria. We disclose any potential conflicts of interest before publishing anything so that our readers can judge the reliability of our content.

The core elements in our editorial process ensure we have the information you can trust. Our commitment to objective information also helps to further this agenda.

Objective Information

The Betkiwi editorial team focuses on providing accurate and up-to-date information to our readers. We achieve this through research and fact-checking. Our team also maintains close ties with industry insiders. This way, we can give you hot tips, breaking news, and helpful insights.

In addition to accuracy, we aim to provide our readers with as objective information as possible. This means we avoid giving undue weight to any opinion or viewpoint. Even when we include personal opinions in our pieces. Instead, we strive to present information in its rawest form. This allows our readers to decide what they think is best.

Ultimately, we aim to provide information that improves your online gambling sessions. We also promote conscious decision-making in our publications. An educated player is a responsible player, and we are committed to promoting responsible gaming practices.

Accuracy And Updated Information

At Betkiwi, we believe in accurate and up-to-date iGaming information. Our editorial team regularly checks and updates our content to ensure that we are on top of daily occurrences and evolving industry trends. To achieve this, we only source our information from reliable sources.

In line with our commitment to avoiding out-of-date information, we strive to make our content evergreen whenever possible. This way, you can trust our information will be as relevant in the future as it is now. At Betkiwi, we rapidly take down cancelled or expired events to avoid misinforming our readers.


At Betkiwi, we take editorial accuracy seriously. We fact-check all of our articles to the best of our ability. Unfortunately, inaccuracies sometimes fall through the cracks as we process our articles. When this happens, we correct any errors brought to our attention promptly.

We also believe in transparency when it comes to corrections. Whenever we correct an article, we’ll note it so that our readers know what has been changed.

If you spot an error in one of our articles, please let us know, and we’ll correct it as soon as possible. We value your feedback and suggestions. Contact us immediately if you have any questions or concerns about our editorial standards.


At Betkiwi, we welcome feedback from our readers. It’s a sign that you found and enjoyed our content. We take feedback seriously as an essential part of the editorial process. It helps us to improve the quality of our content and engage with the needs of our readers.

We encourage our readers to submit their feedback via our online platforms, emailing us, or other available channels. We aim to respond to all feedback within the shortest period possible.

We value all feedback, positive or negative, and will use it to help us improve the quality of our content. However, we reserve the right to not publish abusive, offensive comments, nor feedback that contains personal information.

Why Editorial Guidelines Are Important To Us

Our Editorial Guidelines shape the direction and quality of our writing. By having these guidelines in place we can be sure our articles, reviews and pages are up to our quality standarts and are consistent across the whole site. It helps us provide the structure for our reviews. By following these guidelines we maintain standards set for Betkiwi.