About Betkiwi.co.nz

Betkiwi is an online casino and sportsbooks resource in New Zealand. We offer honest reviews, news and tips on the best online casino sites, and helpful guides to assist you in playing your favourite online casino games and placing sports bets.

We’re an independent source of information, with unbiased and free from influence from the casinos listed on our website. We pride ourselves on being open and honest about everything we do, and we want you to be confident in your decision to play at any of the casinos or sports betting sites listed on Betkiwi.

Our goal is to provide you with all the information you need to decide where to play real money games online.

Betkiwi Timeline

A Brief History of Betkiwi



Site Launch

Our Betkiwi journey started in November of 2022 with the launch of the site. Initially, Betkiwi was focused only on online casinos and casino games (including pokies, of course!) but that would quickly change.



Sportsbook Section Launch

A few months after the site’s launch, we added a Sportsbook section and expanded on some of the existing sections on the site.



Our First Betkiwi Registration

April of 2023 was a special day for us: we recorded the first account registration at one of our reviewed casino sites. A small step for our dear reader, but a big one for us!



Blog Section Launch

Following the success of our Casino and Sportsbook sections, we launched the BetKiwi blog in May of 2023. This fun section houses the latest updates and expert advice on the Kiwi online betting industry, along with news about popular pokies and sports events to look out for.



Six New Expert Writers Join the Team

As the site grew, we expanded our talent base with six new experts. From pokie aficionado and savant, Mallie Hill to Lucius Boehm, our go-to sports betting wizard, our team includes some of the most skilled and passionate people with in-depth knowledge of the igaming industry you could find anywhere. We’re proud of each and every one of them.

About our mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you navigate the casino world, guide you to the best NZ casinos, and provide up-to-date gambling information alongside honest reviews and resources.

What Do We Do

Betkiwi.co.nz is a casino and sportsbook review site, which means that we review and promote casino and sportsbook services to New Zealand players. Below we have listed 6 points we cover at our website:

  1. We select the best online casinos in New Zealand and provide their detailed reviews here on our site. You will find all the information you need to choose a casino that suits you best.
  2. We review exclusive bonus conditions and requirements of online casinos. These bonuses include: welcome bonuses, cashback offers, no deposit bonuses, and many more.
  3. We recommend only reputable casinos that offer safe gaming environments for players from New Zealand.
  4. We list all the payment methods accepted by the sites we review so that you can choose the most convenient method.
  5. We list all our casinos’ and sportsbooks’ customer support numbers so you can get in touch with them anytime. Customer support is essential for any online gambler, especially if you ever need to communicate with your casino or betting site.
  6. Betkiwi New Zealand also covers mobile gambling and offers reviews of top mobile casinos and sportsbooks.

Finding the Best NZ Casinos

When you visit Betkiwi, we list the top New Zealand online casinos. This list is based on:

  • popularity (based on how many players visit each site),
  • reputation (based on how well their customers have rated them)
  • variety (based on what games they offer).

Many factors go into making our list, but if there’s one aspect we consider above all others, it’s customer service. A good casino should be able to provide you with a high level of support and assistance when needed. From live chat options to email support and telephone numbers, we try our best to find out what kind of customer care each casino provides before including them in our rankings.

Review Only Legitimate and Reputable Casinos

We review only legitimate, reputable casinos in New Zealand. Before putting it on our site, we ensure each casino is licensed and regulated by the New Zealand Gambling Commission. Our team of experienced reviewers go through every aspect of each casino to ensure that it’s legitimate and safe to use.

We believe that it’s essential for players to have access to unbiased, honest reviews of casinos and their bonus offers. This way, you can ensure that you play at a fair and reputable casino.

We also want our readers to know what they are signing up for. That’s why we always include a detailed review of each casino we list on our site. We also include information about their games and bonuses.

Pushing Fair and Safe Play

We pride ourselves on being an honest, ethical company that cares about its customers. We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy the best gaming experience possible. That’s why we verify usage of state-of-the-art encryption technologies, adherence to GDPR and KYC guidelines, and proper possession of necessary gambling licences, including United Kingdom Gambling Commission licences and Malta Gaming Authority licences.

Informing Instead of Promoting

We believe that Betkiwi is the only site in New Zealand that provides players with independent and objective reviews. We do not promote any bookmakers. We only provide thorough, unbiased evaluations of them, allowing you to make an informed decision about which bookie you choose for your next bet.

Our Guarantee

At Betkiwi, we aim to help Kiwi players find the best online casino, sportsbook and poker sites. We understand that finding a suitable site can be difficult, especially if you are new to online gambling.

That’s why we decided to create this website. Our goal is to provide unbiased reviews and information about online gambling in New Zealand. We want to ensure that you always make informed decisions about where to play. This way, you will never get scammed or lose money at an unlicensed casino site again.

Meet The Team

Our experts use their experience and knowledge to review everything from casinos to sportsbooks and poker sites. We offer both positive and negative reviews for each site we review, so you can get all the information you need before making your final choice.

Everything we write is based on feedback from our readers, current laws, casino trends and other crucial online gambling statistics. We also keep an eye on what is happening in the world of online gambling regulation so that we can keep up-to-date with any changes that may affect your gaming experience.

Mallie Hill

Pokie Expert

Mallie Hill

Mallie Hill is our pokie expert at Betkiwi. A graduate in Computer Science from the University of Auckland, she's spent over five years in the gambling industry, becoming a leading pokie specialist in New Zealand. Mallie enjoys researching new games and outdoor trekking in her spare time.

Marcellus Hane

Gambling Compliance Consultant

Marcellus Hane

Marcellus Hane is our gambling compliance consultant at Betkiwi. A Law graduate from the University of Auckland, he has spent over a decade in the gambling industry, emerging as a leading compliance expert in New Zealand. Marcellus enjoys studying new regulations and hiking in his leisure time.

Tessie Williamson

Casino & Bonus Expert

Tessie Williamson

Tessie Williamson is our casino and bonus expert at Betkiwi. Graduating with a Mathematics degree from the University of Waikato, she has spent over a decade in the gambling industry, becoming a trusted casino specialist in New Zealand. Tessie enjoys studying casino trends and playing strategic games in her downtime.

Dudley Nader

Casino Game Expert

Dudley Nader

Dudley Nader is our casino game expert at Betkiwi. A University of Otago graduate in Statistics, he's leveraged his skills in a decade-long gambling industry career, earning recognition as a top casino specialist in New Zealand. In his free time, Dudley enjoys developing new game strategies and playing poker.

Lucius Boehm

Sports Expert

Lucius Boehm

Lucius Boehm, our sports expert at Betkiwi, is a University of Auckland graduate with a degree in Sport, Health and Physical Education. He's honed his expertise over 10 years in the gambling industry, earning a reputation as one of New Zealand's top sports gambling specialists. Lucius enjoys analyzing sports trends and playing rugby in his spare time.

Dominic Greenholt

Payment Method Expert

Dominic Greenholt

Dominic Greenholt is our New Zealand Payment Method Expert with 10+ years in the gambling industry. After earning a degree in Financial Management from the University of Canterbury, he felt drawn to the rapidly evolving gambling industry. Dominic is recognised for his in-depth knowledge and unwavering reliability, making him an invaluable asset in the ever-evolving gambling industry.

Wayne Goodchild

iGaming Expert

Wayne Goodchild

Wayne has been writing about iGaming news and sites for several years, with a particular focus on New Zealand casinos. His background includes being an English teacher, and a professionally-published writer/editor for over ten years.

Olivia Cox Featured image

Online Casino Expert

Olivia Cox

Olivia Cox is our casino expert at Betkiwi. She graduated from the Waikato Institute of Technology with a diploma in journalism in 2019. Prior to joining Betkiwi, Olivia worked with a major online casino as an author, which helped her solidify her reputation as one of New Zealand’s top casino specialists. In her free time, Olivia enjoys reading the latest iGaming news and surfing.