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Welcome to Betkiwi, the most trusted online source for casinos and sportsbooks in New Zealand. We aim to bring you the most accurate and impartial online casino and sportsbook reviews around, based on strict rating guidelines. Using years of experience and unmatched expertise in the gaming world, our reviews strive to provide you with all you need to find the perfect online gaming or betting home.

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Who We Are

Betkiwi is an online casino and sportsbook resource for players from New Zealand. Our goal is to bring you honest reviews, tips, and helpful guides on the best online casino sites, slots and other casino games, bookmakers, payment methods, and bonuses for Kiwi players.

We take pride in being an impartial and independent source of information. Honesty and integrity are the heart of what we do and are two of our founding and core principles.

Here at Betkiwi, we leave no stone unturned. All our reviews are carried out by highly dedicated sports and casino experts who have personally tried out every platform they review. We strive to arm you with the knowledge you’ll need to make the most of your online gaming experience.

Betkiwi Timeline

A Brief History of Betkiwi



Site Launch

Our Betkiwi journey started in November of 2022 with the launch of the site. Initially, Betkiwi was focused only on online casinos and casino games (including pokies, of course!) but that would quickly change.



Sportsbook Section Launch

A few months after the site’s launch, we added a Sportsbook section and expanded on some of the existing sections on the site.



Our First Betkiwi Registration

April of 2023 was a special day for us: we recorded the first account registration at one of our reviewed casino sites. A small step for our dear reader, but a big one for us!



Blog Section Launch

Following the success of our Casino and Sportsbook sections, we launched the BetKiwi blog in May of 2023. This fun section houses the latest updates and expert advice on the Kiwi online betting industry, along with news about popular pokies and sports events to look out for.



Six New Expert Writers Join the Team

As the site grew, we expanded our talent base with six new experts. From pokie aficionado and savant, Mallie Hill to Lucius Boehm, our go-to sports betting wizard, our team includes some of the most skilled and passionate people with in-depth knowledge of the casino and sportsbook industries you could find anywhere. We’re proud of each and every one of them.

Betkiwi’s Core Values

Here at Betkiwi, everything we do is driven by five core values.

Trust and Transparency

Trust is a big word in the world of betting site reviews, and it’s easy to see why. It’s one thing to be a source of information but quite another to be a trusted source of information, and at Betkiwi, we strive to be the latter. Everything on this site is based on our extensive research, first-hand experience, and years of expertise and we are always open about every aspect of our work.


We have set high standards across all aspects of our work, including a strong dedication to impartiality and objectivity. As a result, all our reviews are impartial and not affected by any outside influence. Betkiwi players should know that their interests will be looked after and protected at all times.


Betkiwi is a safe and secure site that complies with all laws and regulations. Before any sites are listed on our site, we conduct checks and research, ensuring they all meet our high industry regulations and standards. We will not list a website on Betkiwi unless we know it is safe, secure and properly licensed.

Player Safety

Our reputation is built upon trust and transparency, meaning we will not list any betting site that hasn’t passed our rigorous testing methodology. Some key checks include looking into the site’s wagering requirements and attitude towards responsible gambling practices.


Betkiwi places a strong emphasis on teamwork and collaboration. We don’t just collaborate with various partners and stakeholders, but also amongst ourselves. Our casino and sportsbooks experts are masters of their fields but are also happy to collaborate with their colleagues, giving second opinions, and working together to bring you impartial reviews and opinion pieces.

What Does Betkiwi Do

What Do We Do?

Betkiwi is a casino and sportsbook review site, meaning we primarily review and promote casino and sportsbook services to New Zealand players. Here is an overview of our key activities:

We Analyse Casinos, Slots, & Sportsbooks & Give Them Ratings

We closely analyse all the gambling platforms listed on this website. We have dedicated teams regularly checking all aspects of the sites we recommend. These checks include the latest bonus offers, wagering requirements, license checks, and much more. We then formulate ratings to simplify our review processes and help you decide which casinos, sportsbooks, or games are worth your time.

We Categorise & Create Listings

We categorise our reviews to make it easier for you to decide which operator or game is best for you. Breaking down the betting sites into categories means you can easily find which casino is best for slots or live dealer games. With sportsbooks, you will instantly learn each bookie’s strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your needs. The same goes for our reviews of pokies and other casino games, payment methods, and casino bonus offers.

We Find the Best Bonuses and Promotions

To ensure that all the bonuses we talk about deliver what they claim to offer, we play through them ourselves. Our team of writers and researchers opens accounts, completes the KYC process, and then plays through the bonuses to test them. Doing this means that when we tell you an offer is good, we know for a fact that it is. Using this hands-on method also enables us to raise any issues we find with the relevant customer service team, ensuring that everything works as advertised before telling you about it.

We Analyse Various Payment Methods at Casinos

Our writers personally test the payment methods at casinos and sportsbooks we review to find the safest and most convenient ones for our players. We aim to give you the latest information about the availability, turnaround times, safety features, and everything else relevant to using these payment methods.

We Educate Players With Gambling Knowledge

At Betkiwi, we educate players about the various aspects of online gambling and betting, from gambling regulations to game mechanics. Our goal is to make you adequately prepared and armed with all the necessary knowledge to enjoy gaming or betting activities responsibly.

Betkiwi's Working Principles

How Do We Do It?

At Betkiwi, we take pride in being honest and unbiased in our reviews, but also in providing detailed, well-researched, and up-to-date information.

Leveraging Proven Expertise and Experience

Betkiwi has a hands-on team of writers and researchers who personally play and test everything they review. Our experience and expertise make us market leaders and a trusted source in the industry. Our team is made up of legal specialists, sports and sports betting analysts, casino gurus, and even tech experts. Their collaboration ensures you only get the most accurate and up-to-date information, meaning you’re armed with all the knowledge you require to enjoy your gaming experience. Read more about them on our Meet the Team page.

Using Data-Driven Evaluations

Our data-driven systems help us bring you the most comprehensive listings of the best casinos, games, and sportsbooks in New Zealand. Using expert evaluations and statistical analyses, we aim to give you the most comprehensive and objective overviews of everything we cover on the site. All our assessments are accurate and user-friendly and adhere to our strict rating guidelines. As a result, you’re not only getting our expert opinions and experience but also data-backed analysis to help you make better-informed decisions. If you want more information on how the process works, head to our Rating Guidelines page.

Maintaining Editorial Integrity

The highest standards of editorial integrity are at the core of what we do at Betkiwi. Our commitment to ethical standards guarantees the objectivity and reliability of our publications. These publishing principles are adhered to in every aspect of our work, including our behind-the-scenes research and fact-checking, which all play a part in bringing trustworthy insight to our readers. Find out more by heading to our Editorial Principles page.

Ensuring Legal Compliance for Safety

To safeguard our readers, we follow all the local jurisdiction guidelines and provide the latest and most up-to-date licensing information on all the casinos and sportsbooks listed on this website. We rigorously follow New Zealand’s gambling regulations, focusing on licensing and player safety measures, ensuring that the casinos and sportsbooks we recommend can provide players with a secure and compliant environment. You can learn more about our efforts on our Gambling Regulations page.

Empowering Kiwis with Knowledge

Through our Learning Hub, we aim to give players all the knowledge and tools they’ll need to make informed decisions when gambling or betting online. Besides the general topics you’ll find there such as how casino licensing works, our site also offers more specialised player guides, such as tips on blackjack or football betting.

Promoting Responsible Gambling Practices

Promoting responsible gambling practices is one of our core values, which is why we only review casinos with policies in place to combat underage and problem gambling, and our comprehensive lists and guides will help you choose from only trusted and licensed online casinos and sportsbooks.
Our goal is to keep our players informed and safe, so they can enjoy online gambling or sports betting without turning it into problematic behavior. Head to our Responsible Gambling Center to learn more.

Prioritising Environmental Sustainability

Here at Betkiwi, we are strongly dedicated to reducing our environmental footprint. We believe in achieving this reduction by showing innovation and acting responsibly, and we take our environmental responsibilities very seriously. In our quest to become ever more eco-friendly, we use measures such as green hosting, file compression, and image optimisation. You can read more about our efforts on our Environmental Pledge page.

Championing Accessibility

At Betkiwi, we are committed to making our content available to everyone, regardless of the challenges they may face. To achieve this, we conduct regular accessibility checks and work tirelessly to conform to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.2.

Initiatives such as alt text for images, enhanced colour contrast, and screen reader compatibility help us make the site more approachable and user-friendly to everyone. If you’re looking for more information, head on over to our Accessibility page.

Supporting Diversity and Inclusion

The team at Betkiwi strongly believes that everybody is entitled to their voice. We are committed to making our site a safe space for all, and a place where everyone can feel welcome, heard, and represented. You can find out more on our Diversity & Inclusion page.

Betkiwi's Affiliate Disclosure

How Do We Make Money?

Honesty and integrity are part of our core values, so we are happy to tell you that as an affiliate marketing site, we make our money any time you click on an affiliate link and make a deposit to that site. These are commissions paid to us by the casino or sportsbook, and they are used to help us continue providing you with high-quality content and maintaining this website. The key things to know are that a) this doesn’t cost you anything and b) it doesn’t influence our impartial reviewing process in any way.

Our Selection Process

Our primary goal is to recommend online casinos & sportsbooks that we genuinely believe are of high value. We understand that earning a commission from a casino or sportsbook might lead readers to believe this influences our lists and recommendations. However, we want to assure you this is not the case. All our reviews are unbiased and thorough. Our selections aren’t influenced by the amount of commission we receive but by the rigorous testing processes carried out by our impartial experts, which includes feedback from our readers and independent user reviews.

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