BetKiwi aims to be our readers’ primary source of reliable and unbiased casino and sportsbook-related content. To do that, we need a strong team of good, unbiased writers. We offer an inclusive and supportive work culture, and we encourage our team to push the boundaries of innovation while writing well-researched and objective content.

We are always looking for writers across various fields with a passion for the industry and preferably experience in the New Zealand gambling market. Keep reading to learn about our company culture, work ethics and principles, and how you can become a part of the team.

Why Work for Betkiwi

Our Company Culture

At BetKiwi we have built a team that we are proud of. We strive to create a relaxed environment that fosters new thoughts and ideas. At the same time, we will assist you in increasing your knowledge and skills with ongoing learning opportunities. We believe investing in our team benefits everyone, from our writers’ careers to the quality of the content we offer our dear readers.

We also offer various company perks and encourage our team members to take holidays and time off. We believe a healthy work-life balance is the only way to create a productive work environment. You can read more about how we operate on our About Us page.

Inclusion and Diversity

At Betkiwi, we champion diversity and welcome applicants from every background and gender identity. A diverse team enhances our work and growth with unique perspectives and ideas. Read more about our views on this topic on our Diversity and Inclusion page.

Employee Testimonials

One of the best parts about our jobs is the connections we make with our colleagues. We’ve chatted with some of our team members, and they have shared some thoughts on their reasons for continuing to work with us:

Wayne Goodchild: “I was fortunate to join the team shortly after launch. My favourite part of working at BetKiwi is the incredible and supportive team I get to collaborate with. Day-to-day work almost always includes chatting and brainstorming with the rest of the team, and it feels great to know I can always ask my colleagues for a second opinion or some advice.”

Lucius Boehem: “I love the relaxed but professional vibe in the office. Having worked within the team for a while now, I really appreciate that the company culture promotes career growth, and encourages many learning opportunities.”

Mallie Hill: “As I have other pursuits, BetKiwi offers me the flexibility to fit my work into my schedule when it suits me. If I have any questions, the rest of the team will jump in to assist, and the team dynamic is frankly the best I have worked in.”

Marcellus Hane: “Working with the BetKiwi team continues to be incredible. Since first joining the crew, I have enjoyed watching the team expand with great new talent. I would encourage anyone looking for a demanding but fun workplace where you can learn and grow alongside a talented team to give Betkiwi a go.”

Betkiwi Careers Generic Image with Ladder

Perks of Working With Us

As part of our commitment to continued professional growth within our team, we focus on providing stability and long-term working relationships to our teammates. Most of our core team has been with us since our launch, with new team members coming in as we continue to expand.

As our website grows, so does the need for content and website changes. We produce new, engaging, and informative content to keep up with the industry changes. We also promote life-long learning and offer in-house and external training for both new and existing team members. Here are some of the key perks of working at Betkiwi:

  • Competitive salary
  • The option to work 100% remotely
  • Time off when required
  • Courses and internal training
  • Team building courses

Betkiwi’s Application Process

If you are interested in working with us, we invite you to contact us at [email protected].

We do receive many email requests from interested professionals, so to streamline the application process, please include the following information in your email:

  • Your name and where you are based currently. If it is outside of New Zealand, please let us know about your timezone and preferred working hours.
  • We want to know your strengths and the role you are applying for. If it is for one of our content writing positions, please let us know where your expertise lies: casinos, casino games, sportsbooks, or something else.
  • Please include examples of your work relating to your area of expertise.
  • Finally, we would love to hear how you heard about us and your reasons for joining our team.

Contact Information

We appreciate your interest in becoming a part of Betkiwi’s team. If you have any further questions, you can contact one of our teams by visiting the Contact Us page or using the form below. We are always happy to talk and will respond as soon as we can.