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Welcome to Betkiwi.co.nz. This is our terms of service page, where we’ll be describing your obligations and rights when using our website. By visiting and using our website and accessing our content and services, you agree that you’ve understood all Terms and Conditions stipulated on this page and that you’ll adhere to them under applicable laws and regulations. If you can’t consent to any of these terms, we recommend that you don’t use our website or our services.

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Content and Services

  1. Betkiwi.co.nz isn’t an online casino. Therefore, we don’t accept any wagers and don’t provide support to online gamblers.
  2. Betkiwi.co.nz ensures that information supplied on the site is 100% correct at the time of publication. However, we don’t take responsibility for changing promotions, bonuses, services or offers advertised by third-party online gambling operators.
  3. Betkiwi.co.nz doesn’t take responsibility for any decisions you make after leaving our website. We won’t be held responsible for any financial or personal data losses that may be incurred when visiting or gambling at third-party online casinos.
  4. Content on betkiwi.co.nz is purely for information purposes and should not be construed as legal, financial or gambling advice.
  5. All content on the Betkiwi.co.nz website falls under copyright laws, and any copying, sharing or reposting of our content will hold you liable to copyright infringement laws.
Your Responsibility content

Your Responsibility

By using the Betkiwi.co.nz site, you agree that the following is true and correct:

  1. You’re above the age of 20 years and your local laws consider online gambling undertakings as legal.
  2. You’ll use the betkiwi.co.nz site purely for personal reasons.
  3. You’ll not attempt to disable or interfere with the site’s services or users.
  4. You’ll comply with the Terms and Conditions of this site at all times.

Denial of Responsibilities

Betkiwi.co.nz takes no responsibility for your actions or decisions while using our website. We, therefore, waive the following obligations:

  1. Accessing and using the services and information of the Betkiwi.co.nz website is done at your own risk. We don’t take responsibility for malware or spyware attacks.
  2. We don’t guarantee that our website will always be free of errors, interruptions or bugs.

Proprietary Rights

Betkiwi.co.nz respects the proprietary rights of our affiliates, and we require the same from all our users. All information published on our site is copyrighted, and all proprietary content rights belong to Betkiwi.co.nz. Users are prohibited from sharing, copying or altering our published content without written consent.

Unauthorised Activity

By accessing and using the Betkiwi.co.nz site, you agree not to harm our website. You’ll not make any attempts to misrepresent yourself or endeavour to steal content or launch malware or spyware on our website. You also won’t display antisocial behaviour or try to promote third-party affiliations or personal gambling schemes or strategies.

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3rd Party Sites and Content

We provide users with links in our content to third-party gambling sites purely for your convenience. When you select these links, you agree to the following:

  1. Betkiwi.co.nz claims no responsibility for security breaches that may occur if you share your information with third-party gambling sites and that you are solely responsible for the risks.
  2. Betkiwi.co.nz accepts no responsibility for any information published on third-party gambling sites.

3rd Party Gaming Sites

Our service and content advertise a variety of online gambling sites and their services and products. Betkiwi.co.nz has no jurisdiction over third-party gambling platforms. You, therefore, undertake the following when you decide to enter any of our advertised gambling sites:

  1. You’re over the age of 20 years, and your local laws consider online gambling undertakings as legal.
  2. You have read, understood and accepted the Terms and Conditions of the online gambling site and that you’ll abide by the stipulated clauses.
  3. You understand that online gambling may lead to losing funds when you wager on and play online casino games.


Betkiwi.co.nz unequivocally disclaims all liability for your decision to use our site, and you assume all risk when visiting our website. We’ll accept no responsibility for any content with errors or containing destructive or harmful elements.


By accepting all risks associated with using our website, you hereby agree to defend and indemnify all employees, contractors and users of Betkiwi.co.nz harmless against any losses, liabilities, damages, and expenses that may be incurred. You agree to defend Betkiwi.co.nz in defence of any such claims. This indemnification clause also applies to legal proceedings and actions concerning the Betkiwi.co.nz site and its content or services.

Complaint Procedure

Please use our online contact form and send us a comprehensive message if you have grounds where you believe Betkiwi.co.nz has content that infringes on your rights or intellectual property. We’ll do our utmost to ensure that the issue gets resolved as soon as possible. Please note that you may be held accountable for imposing damages for misrepresenting any information.

Changing the Terms

Betkiwi.co.nz has the right to amend the Terms and Conditions stipulated on this page at any time. You’re responsible for regularly checking our Terms and Conditions for updates, as you’ll be obligated to follow updated Terms and Conditions when you visit our website. Betkiwi.co.nz undertakes that you acknowledge and accept all amendments to the Terms and Conditions when entering our website.

Intellectual Property Rights

All content on Betkiwi.co.nz is the intellectual property of Betkiwi.co.nz. All sharing, reposting or redirecting and copying of the content on our website is disallowed in all forms. Use of the content on our website is only allowed if written consent is obtained.

Copyright Infringement

Please notify us in email or by using our online contact form of any copyright infringement you may have encountered. Please include a comprehensive message with details of the material, including your contact information. It is recommended that you state that you’re acting in good faith, that the data you’re providing can be trusted and that it’s accurate.