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Managing finances wisely is crucial for a safe and secure online casino gaming experience. Using e-Wallets like Skrill is a great way to do this. This payment method allows gamblers to deposit and withdraw funds without revealing their banking information to unfamiliar sites. They also offer encryption and other safety features to protect their personal data.
Skrill has been a trusted method of payment for decades and is highly rated by users. In this review, we will take a closer look at Skrill and explain why it is one of the best options for making online casino deposits. Keep reading to learn more about Skrill’s benefits and how it can help you place secure online bets.

Top Skrill Casinos

Top Skrill Casinos

As a well-established payment method, this e-wallet is recognized by most online casinos in New Zealand. Be sure to check out which platform offers the best deposit bonuses and other site promotions that allow new users to get house-provided funds, extra spins, etc. The best Skrill casinos will allow you to enjoy anything from live dealer games, to video poker and pokies (slots), with the highest payouts, great return to player (RTP), and much more.

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6000 NZD + 200 FS

About Skrill

Founded in 2001, Skrill is a globally recognized company based in the United Kingdom, with over 2,000 employees currently working there. Not only is it well-established, but it is also secure.

Skrill is a versatile tool that supports multiple currencies and nationalities, making it ideal for hassle-free international online transactions—a handy feature when dealing with different online casino sites, which are often hosted in different parts of the world.

As the name e-wallet suggests, Skrill can be considered a digital pocketbook where you can store your money and conduct a variety of transactions. Instead of entering their payment information, customers can use their Skrill account to make a casino deposit on their preferred gambling site. This provides an added layer of security while still allowing customers to receive the same casino bonuses as with any other method of payment.

How does Skrill Work?

Using this payment option on your preferred gambling sites is a straightforward process. However, it’s important to check if Skrill is available before using it to make deposits and withdrawals at a casino.

You can create your account for free, set your password and connect it to your bank account. The next step is to choose an online casino site that accepts it, which will be easy as Skrill is widely accepted.

It is important to bear in mind the withdrawal fees. Although Skrill has low fees, the casino app you select may have its own regulations regarding cash payments and deposit bonuses.

Pros and Cons of Skrill

Skrill is a consistently popular choice for casino games and placing a sports bet on odds available because it provides user-friendly features and offers a winning performance. That said, it’s not perfect. Below we provide you with some advantages and disadvantages of this e-wallet.

  • It is free. Like most e-wallets, Skrill provides people with a free entry-level account that makes it easy to transfer their winnings and make deposits quickly and securely.
  • Widely available. Skrill is available in over 200 countries and can be used with a wide range of different currencies. It makes the international online casino scene more accessible, and the currency exchange features give you more playing options.
  • Mobile-friendly. Skrill also features a user-friendly phone application that allows you to access your account on the go. So, you can play your favourite casino game on different devices. It also makes it easier to monitor your spending, conduct seamless cash transfers, and explore other useful features of the app beyond just gambling.
  • Safe and secure. Skrill is a globally recognized company with extensive experience in casino payments. This dependable payment method provides users with reliability and confidentiality.
  • Physical card. Another great advantage is that Skrill can also be linked to a physical card (powered by Mastercard) that allows you to use the funds in your account to shop online or even in physical stores.
  • Fees. Skrill applies fees for making deposits and withdrawals. However, their fee structure can be confusing as it varies depending on the type of transaction and the bank involved.
  • Currency exchange is brutal. Can you list currency exchange as a pro and a con? In this case, perhaps you can. While having a currency exchange feature is great, users should note that it is very expensive.
  • Withdrawals limitations. Like most e-wallets, there are limits to how much money you can withdraw at a time. This can make transferring big winnings back to your bank account difficult.
  • Not universally accepted. While Skrill is popular, you will sometimes encounter online casinos that do not accept it as a form of payment.
  • Lengthy verification process. Some users complain about Skrill’s lengthy multi-tiered verification process. It does slow down your ability to use the app, though users should note that it is also an important safety feature.

Are Skrill Casinos Safe?

First, it’s important to understand that online casinos are always supposed to be safe. Just like physical casinos, those that are genuine are regulated and held to strenuous standards.

These regulations apply to how the casino stores, shares, and handles your private information.

Evaluating an online casino’s reputation and accreditations is essential before you make a deposit.

That said, digital interactions can be unsafe even when you do everything right. That’s when Skrill comes into play. The anonymity that they provide saves you the need to supply your credit card information to the website.

So while a well-chosen casino should be safe, you can still jeopardize your Skrill payment information by making wise internet choices. Betkiwi recommends constant vigilance, as this is the only way to maximize risk mitigation.

How To Choose Skrill Casinos

How to Choose Skrill Casinos

Choosing an online casino isn’t so different from choosing an in-person one. Here are some things we recommend you think about as you explore the many options available to you:

  • Player incentives. Most online casinos provide some form of bonus—particularly to new players who are making their first deposit. The casino’s angle, of course, is to get you to start playing/making larger deposits than you might have without the incentive. Your angle should be to maximize your free bonus intake to get the most bang for your buck. Do read the fine print. Usually, you will need to make a predetermined number of wages before you can withdraw your funds.
  • Aesthetic. Online casinos may not have dramatic architectural features to attract players, but they can still influence your experience through digital cosmetic features. In other words, if you think you might spend a lot of time at an online casino, make sure you choose one that looks nice.
  • Casino Games. Most online casinos will have a common mix of cards, online pokies, and table games to choose from. Some may provide additional features like sports bettings. While these offerings will be more or less the same from place to place, there is still room for variety.
  • Reputation. This is a big one. You want to make sure that the casino you place your bets at is well-established and trusted by the gambling community. There are more than enough online casinos out there, which means there is never any reason at all to play somewhere that isn’t reliable and trustworthy.
  • Customer service. It’s also handy to find a casino with good customer service. You don’t want to have to use it, of course, but when the need arises, it’s nice to have a place that is capable of providing a swift and effective solution to your problem.

And, of course, there is no need to be monogamous with the casino you choose. There are so many sites out there—play the field. Rack up player bonuses, and enjoy a more diversified playing experience.

How to Use Skrill in Online Casinos

As you might imagine, Skrill is designed to be as easy to use as possible. The most legwork will go into establishing your Skrill account. Just follow the steps indicated on the website, and you won’t have issues. To link it to your bank, you will need to deal with routing numbers, account numbers, etc. Even then, you will be dealing with a setup that takes approximately 5-10 minutes.

Once the account is established, it is very simple to navigate. If the online casino you choose can be used with Skrill, you will find its logo listed in the payment options. To start using your e-wallet to fund your gaming, you will simply need to open your casino account and deposit the desired funds using Skrill as your payment option. From there, you will be ready for the action.

Skrill Bonus

Skrill Bonus

We have briefly discussed how casino bonuses can be an excellent way to kick off your gaming experience. However, it’s important to note that promotions exclusive to particular payment options are rare. Nevertheless, when you use Skrill as your deposit method, you might encounter bonuses or promotions that include free spins, free bets, or other rewards.

For example:

  • Sign-up bonus. Often in the form of player credits or free slot spins, the sign-up bonus is there to let players get their first taste of gambling for free.
  • Deposit bonus. Deposit bonuses allow you to get a little extra playing credit free from the casino when you up-load currency. This incentive is designed to get you to upload more than you might have otherwise. However, it’s another good way to get free playing credit if you can be sensible about it.
  • Playing bonuses. Playing bonuses are awarded after you’ve completed a certain number of spins, card games, etc.
  • Leaderboard. Some casinos also use player leaderboards to reward you for accruing points. The way these numbers are calculated can vary from casino to casino but usually reward people for playing a lot.

Customer Support

Skrill has customer service options, including a blog/FAQ for self-help and various ways to contact them, like email, phone, and chat. Though some customers have reported less-than-ideal experiences with the support team, the website generally offers satisfactory support

Sports Betting

Did you know that Skrill isn’t just for poker, roulette, pokies, table games, blackjack, baccarat, jackpots, and lots of other typical casino games? It can also be used to navigate a chosen sportsbook for bettors who like to place a wager on their favourite sport or team.

It provides players with a safe way to participate in sports betting, allowing you to stake wagers on most major tournaments and team events all over the world on selected sportsbooks.

Alternatives to Skrill

There are several virtual wallets available that have similar functions, such as Neteller, Google Pay, PayPal and others. You can explore other options if you’re unsatisfied with its services. Keep in mind that each service has its own fee structure, so it’s worth shopping around to find a better fit for your needs.

Neteller 5/5
  • Withdrawal Time: Instant
  • Minimum Deposit: €10
  • Deposit Fee: 2.5%
  • Established: 1999
Google Pay 4.6/5
  • Deposit Fee: None
  • Established: 2011
  • Withdrawal Time: Instant
  • Minimum Deposit: €10
PayPal 5/5
  • Withdrawal Time: Instant
  • Deposit Fee: None
  • Established: 1998
  • Super-secure
  • Easy registration

Skrill Key Facts

Below there is a summary with the most important info about Skrill:

  • You can create an account for free.
  • It is available in over 200 countries.
  • It is well-established, with more than two decades of experience.
  • It is widely used by a wide range of online casinos, and it is highly popular among casino players.
  • It provides you with a quick and easy way to withdraw and submit funds to the casino.
  • It is one of the most commonly used methods for players in the gambling industry to deposit and withdraw money into their casino accounts. lts services are available in hundreds of countries.
  • Skrill physical cards can be used as a casino payment method, or simply as a way of paying for everyday purchases.
  • Loyal customers tend to appreciate speed, convenience, and rewards as key factors contributing to their loyalty.
  • The mobile app allows you to access the funds of your e-wallet and make money transfers to your chosen Skrill casino in just a few clicks.

Conclusion about Skrill

Although this e-wallet has some drawbacks, our Betkiwi review found it to be a reliable and secure payment method for online gambling. It is widely used and respected in numerous countries worldwide.

We rate it 4 out of 5, deducting one point for its somewhat complex fee structure and occasional customer support issues. Nonetheless, most Skrill users have positive experiences with the service.

Therefore, we recommend it as a reliable option for online gambling.

FAQs About Skrill

If you have questions and are seeking specific information, our list of FAQs below can assist you in clearing up any doubts you may have.

Does Skrill provide payment protection for any amount of money?

Its payment protection services are not as robust as the selection of offerings found with competitors. User reviews indicate that you may have a hard time receiving a refund, though the best way to answer your refund-related questions is to view the customer service page for news on the subject.

Is Skrill like a bank?

Skrill is an e-wallet, which is simply a place to store your money and access it when you need to make a payment.

How can I get a Skrill card?

You can apply for your Skrill card on their website.

Is a Skrill card the same as a credit card?

No, it doesn’t work like credit cards. Your Skrill Card is prepaid using funds on your account, which is more similar to a debit card.

Do I actually need to verify my identity?

Skrill allows you to use your account for sending and receiving funds up to a certain limit without the need to verify your details. However, we recommend completing your identity verification promptly. This process typically involves providing documentation such as a picture of your ID, face, and/or proof of address.

How long does it take for money to arrive at Skrill?

Skrill provides speedy transactions. Transfers are usually instantaneous.

Does Skrill apply fees?

Even though you can create an account for free, this e-wallet has withdrawal fees that vary based on region and the exchange type.

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