Netball Betting Guide 2024

Exploring netball betting can increase your wagering options and enhance your enjoyment of following netball, both in NZ and internationally. This added layer of engagement can make matches, leagues, and betting markets more interesting and exciting.

If you’re wondering where to start, look no further. This comprehensive guide to netball betting will help you gain a solid understanding of the basics. Additionally, you’ll discover top betting sites, information on tournaments and netball seasons, as well as an in-depth look at the various bet types available.

Best Sportsbooks For Netball Betting

Best Sportsbooks for Netball Betting

We’ve compiled a list of the best sports betting sites for wagering on netball. For a sportsbook to make it into our netball betting rankings, it needs to meet certain criteria. Our BetKiwi experts are rigorous when reviewing sites. We expect excellent coverage of netball NZ and international events. We also look for competitive odds, trustworthy bookmakers, convenient payment options and netball betting-friendly promotions.

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What Is Netball Betting?

Whether you’re familiar with the sport or not, you might still be wondering what is netball betting? While it’s a popular sport in New Zealand, many countries aren’t as familiar, meaning it’s regarded as a niche sport, especially when it comes to betting.

Although the closest comparison for the playing style is basketball, the two sports are still quite different. As with all sports, it’s essential to understand the rules, format and gameplay to make informed decisions when betting. Let’s take a quick look at some netball terms and rules before exploring the betting opportunities.

Game Objective and Rules

There are different versions of the game, including the FAST5 format, but we’ll focus on the rules for the standard game. The main objective is to score the most goals to be the winner.

The two teams are aiming to keep possession of the ball and move it to their goal circle via running, throwing, catching and jumping. The side not in possession uses defensive strategies to prevent progress toward the goal and to claim possession.

Goals are scored by throwing the ball into a netted ring that’s 3.05 metres off the ground. There’s no backboard, though. There are seven players on each team, with specific roles that determine their actions, movement and position on the court. For example, only the goal shooter and goal attack can enter the circle and score goals.

Players in possession of the ball can only take one step before they need to pass. They have three seconds to do so. It means the ball moves a lot, and all players are involved in the progress up the court.

It’s a no-contact or limited-contact sport. The game is divided into four quarters and typically lasts 60 minutes in total.

Betting On Netball

How To Bet On Netball Online

You know where to play, but what should you do when you get there? We’ve got you covered on that too with our guide to netball betting. Follow these steps when it’s time to place your first bet.

  1. Register for an Account
    To make the most of any betting site and to wager, you’ll need an account. Click the link to your preferred sportsbook from our list above. Launch the sign-up page and fill out the required fields.
  2. Deposit
    Real-money bets require funds, which is why you’ll need to deposit some to place your first wager. Your first deposit might also trigger a welcome bonus, such as a free bet. You might be able to use your free bet or bonus to cover the stake of your initial wager. Head to the banker or cashier section of the platform, choose a deposit method and how much to deposit, and confirm the transaction.
  3. Check the Bonus Terms
    Before you wager, check the bonus terms. You might need to make a qualifying bet to claim it, in which case look for the minimum amount, odds and any other rules. If you already have your bonus, check to see which bets are eligible.
  4. Find a Netball Event
    You can check our guide to netball events below to know what to enter into the search box. Otherwise, use the netball filter to browse upcoming matches. Explore the different bet types and check the odds.
  5. Place Your Bet
    Once you’ve found a selection that suits your needs, click on the odds for the bet you’d like to make. It’ll be added to your bet slip, where you can enter your wager amount and confirm. The bet slip will show you your potential winnings if your prediction is correct. Time to watch the match and see how it plays out!

Popular Netball Events

To take advantage of the three main netball betting types (outrights, pre-match and live), you’ll need to know the schedules for events. That includes knowing when does netball season start in NZ and when does netball season finish in NZ? We’ve got the answers to those questions and some information about the other major netball championships.

Premiership Netball NZ

The top domestic league for netball in NZ is the ANZ Premiership. It usually consists of 46 games, which are played from March to June. The 2024 season starts on April 13th with the final on July 22nd.

Each round of the competition is played over a few consecutive days. There are usually three or four matches over three days. When a round has four matches, it means two of the teams have two games in one weekend. There are six teams competing for the trophy.

Other Competitions

New Zealand isn’t the only country with a thrilling netball league. Australia and England also have league matches to wager on and watch. Super Netball is the main competition in Australia. The season also runs from March to June, but usually starts and finishes a bit later. There are eight teams, meaning four matches each weekend.

You can follow UK netball by watching and betting on the Netball Super League. The season starts in February and ends in June, the most exciting month for netball finals. The league has 10 teams, and four or five matches are played every weekend as the competition progresses through the rounds towards the final.

International Netball Tournaments

If you’re looking to see the best teams from different countries compete against one another, you can find an international tournament to bet on. The Netball World Cup takes place in summer 2023 in South Africa. The first game is usually played at the end of July and the final is held in the first week of August.

Netball is a sport included in the Commonwealth Games. New Zealand’s Silver Ferns took the bronze medal in Birmingham in 2022. The next games will be held in 2026 in Australia, where netball teams from Trinidad and Tobago, New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom will likely compete. Although the International Olympic Committee recognises netball due to its popularity and clear structure, the sport is not yet part of the Olympic programme.

Netball Bet Types

Netball Bet Types

There are a number of different markets available for netball matches and tournaments, though it can depend on individual gambling sites. The type of bet you choose will fall into one of the three main categories: outrights, pre-match and live wagers.

The outrights, also called futures, market means you can place bets in advance of a tournament, where you’ll predict the overall winner. Most customers are looking for the pre-match market, which covers the different match wagers in the week or a few days before the event. Some bookmakers also offer live betting, where you can make predictions while the game is being played.

Like football, basketball and other sports, netball betting has a variety of possibilities. You might want to wager on the number of points a team wins by, the total score for a player or the score after the first half. Since it’s a niche sport, it’s more challenging to find handicap and prop bets.

Tips & Strategies

Our BetKiwi experts, Olivia and Wayne, have brought together their knowledge to come up with these netball betting tips.

Check Past Game Statistics

Using data from previous games can inform your decisions. We recommend looking beyond the scoreline. Work out if the team has a history by finding a pattern in previous match-ups. See if the team you want to back has a good record on the road. You’ll need to know which teams are on form and which aren’t to understand whether it was a good match or an easy win.

Watch Out for Player Injuries

Like most sports, team changes are allowed, and they might often be due to player injuries. It’s worth finding out if a particular team star won’t start, as it could affect the match result and the scoreline. You can set up a Google alert for a team name or player to stay on top of netball news. As a general rule, always check the team sheet before betting.

Choose Your Bets Wisely

While it doesn’t improve your chances, you can increase your payouts and decrease your risk by picking the best place to wager. Competitive odds mean you can wager and expect a decent return if your bet comes good. On the other hand, bonuses and free bets let you risk the bookmaker’s money instead of your own.

Key Takeaways: Netball Betting

When you bet on netball, you’re adding an extra layer of fun to the experience of watching the exciting sport. You can back your local NZ team and support the nation at events around the world. Before you begin, make sure you have a firm grasp of the rules and the teams involved.

With our guide, you have all you need to know about the major events, bet types and where to wager. We’ve also given you a step-by-step guide on how to bet on netball. Additionally, you can now use our expert tips to make informed decisions when betting.

Netball Betting FAQs

Got a question about netball betting? We’ve answered the common queries below.

Are netball and basketball similar?

They’re similar in that they’re both played on a court with a ball that needs to be thrown through a hoop. After that, the rules and gameplay of the two games differ significantly.

When does netball season start in NZ?

Netball season in NZ for the Premiership starts in March.

When does netball season finish in NZ?

The Premiership season in NZ finishes in June.

What are the netball team positions?

Each team has seven players. The positions are goalkeeper (GK), goal defence (GD), wing defence (WD), centre (c), wing attack (WA), goal attack (GA) and goal shooter (GS).

Are there netball betting bonuses?

Yes, you can find netball betting bonuses. Most promotions won’t be specifically targeted at netball, but you can find general sports offers where netball bets are eligible.

Can netball matches end in a draw?

Yes, in certain circumstances, netball matches can end in a draw. If the game is played in a knockout stage, the match is usually played until there’s a winner. Different tournaments will establish rules for continuing the match, such as five minutes of extra time or two minutes of sudden death play.

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