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BetKiwi is an iGaming affiliate platform dedicated to helping New Zealand players find the best online casinos, sportsbooks and games. Since our launch in November 2022, we’ve been committed to offering transparent, ethical, and informative content to help our readers make well-informed decisions. Our expert team provides impartial reviews, exclusive bonus insights, and in-depth guides to give our readers the knowledge required to navigate the online gambling landscape with confidence. If you are a news reporter or want to collaborate with us, this Press Kit page houses all the information you’ll need.

Our Brand Assets

The following Betkiwi media assets are available upon request:

Betkiwi's Logo Dark

BetKiwi's Logo Light

Permitted Uses of Our Brand Assets

Please comply with the following guidelines when making use of BetKiwi’s brand resources:

Editorial Use

Media outlets, journalists, and reviewers can use our brand assets for non-commercial purposes, such as news articles, blog posts, and reviews, as long as the use complies with the guidelines provided.

Non-Commercial Use

Individuals are permitted to use our brand assets for personal, non-commercial purposes with proper attribution, including our website address as the source.

Commercial Use

We allow our brand assets to be used commercially, but whoever does it must indicate their origin and affiliation with our website clearly. All commercial uses must adhere to the conditions and restrictions outlined in this disclaimer.

Prohibited Uses of Our Brand Resources

While we strive to accommodate everyone, maintaining the integrity and reputation of our brand is paramount. As such, the following uses of our brand assets are strictly prohibited:

Modifying Our Assets

Altering our logos, images, or any branding elements in any shape or form. Our brand assets should be used only in their original form and any modifications are strictly prohibited.

Misrepresenting Our Brand

At Betkiwi, we value our integrity and objectivity in all dealings with our affiliate partners. Employing our brand assets to falsely suggest an affiliation, endorsement, or approval by our company is forbidden.

Illegal or Harmful Use

Using our brand assets in connection with any illegal activities or websites that could harm our reputation or infringe upon the rights of others is strictly prohibited. All uses of our brand assets must include our website address to indicate the source clearly. We reserve the right to demand the immediate cessation of any use that we consider inappropriate or misaligned with our brand values and guidelines.

By using our brand assets, you acknowledge and agree to adhere strictly to these terms. We expect your full cooperation in preserving the integrity and positive representation of Betkiwi.

Contact Us

If you have questions or concerns about using our brand assets, contact us at [email protected]. We’re here to assist with any inquiries and look forward to collaborating with you. Press inquiries are usually addressed within 2 to 4 business days, though response times may vary based on the nature of the information requested. We aim to reply promptly and kindly ask that you indicate the urgency of your request for proper prioritisation.