Betkiwi’s Environmental Pledge

BetKiwi prioritises environmental responsibility and sustainable resource use, embedding these values deeply within our company culture. Read on to learn more about how we strive to ensure that our daily operations minimise environmental impact.

Environmental Challenges in the Gambling Industry

Environmental Challenges in the Gambling Industry

The gambling industry faces significant environmental challenges. Land-based casinos have long been known to be energy-intensive due to their 24/7 operation, extensive lighting, electronic gaming machines, and HVAC systems required to accommodate large crowds.
Digital platforms, often perceived as more environmentally friendly, still exert considerable ecological pressure. This is due to numerous factors, including:

High Energy Consumption

Online gambling’s reliance on data centres results in high energy demands, primarily for powering and cooling vast server farms that operate around the clock. Such infrastructure requires massive amounts of electricity for server operations, cooling systems, and uninterrupted power supply.

Electronic Waste

Technological advancements lead to frequent updates and hardware replacements, contributing to a growing stream of electronic waste. Proper disposal and recycling of outdated technology remain a critical challenge, as e-waste can lead to significant environmental pollution.

Carbon Footprint of Digital Infrastructure

The digital activities of online casinos require substantial data processing, significantly contributing to their carbon footprint. This includes everything from streaming games and claiming bonuses to customer interactions and page updates. Each of these activities demands server resources, leading to high energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Betkiwi's Environmental Commitment

BetKiwiโ€™s Environmental Commitment

At Betkiwi, we are all about using resources in a sustainable and eco-friendly way and promoting True to our promise, BetKiwi has achieved a CO2 Badge and an excellent carbon rating, but that’s only the start.

CO2 Badge

BetKiwi has recently been awarded a CO2 Badge. This certification confirms our dedication to sustainable web hosting and energy-efficient data management practices.

Reducing the Carbon Footprint

We’re proud to announce that BetKiwi has achieved an A+ rating under the Website Carbon Rating System, which assesses the environmental impact of websites based on their CO2 emissions per pageview. It’s a testament to our continuous efforts, showing that our site operates more efficiently than 91% of global web pages in terms of carbon emissions

The Website Carbon rating system grades websites on a scale from A+ to F, with A+ representing emissions lower than 0.095 grams of CO2 per pageview. You can verify our rating and learn more about how the system works here.

Betkiwi's Carbon Rating

How Betkiwi Stays Green

Here are some core energy-saving practices we employ here at BetKiwi:

Green Hosting

BetKiwi partners with green hosting providers that power their data centres with renewable sources. We do this to ensure that our website’s operational energy comes from sustainable practices and contributes to a cleaner, greener internet.

Efficient Coding Practices

Our tech team employs efficient coding practices that reduce the computational power required to load and run our website. The objective is to continually lessen the burden on our servers and decrease the energy needed for data processing. This includes minifying JavaScript and CSS files and using lightweight images that speed up page loading times.

Enhanced Data Compression

At BetKiwi, we implement data compression techniques to reduce file sizes before they reach the user. This approach serves both you and the environment; pages load faster, and they decrease the energy consumed during data transmission.

Smart Caching Mechanisms

We employ advanced caching strategies to store frequently accessed files like CSS, JavaScript, and images locally. By doing so, repeat visits to our site require less data fetching from the server, speeding up access times and reducing energy usage.

HTTPS Enhancement

BetKiwi has upgraded to HTTPS, a more efficient and secure protocol than the previous HTTP 1.1. This governs how resources are delivered to browsers, enhancing security while reducing webpage download times.

Proactive Lazy Loading

How often do you visit a webpage and read every word from top to bottom? Rarely, right? That’s why at BetKiwi, we utilise lazy loading, a technique that loads web content only as needed, usually when it enters the browser’s viewport. This means images, videos, and other non-critical resources appear only when you scroll to them, which in turn significantly reduces initial load times and saves bandwidth.

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

BetKiwi leverages Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) to deliver a superior, app-like user experience that is fast and reliable. These employ modern technologies for seamless, quick access that enhances visitor retention. With features like service workers for offline access and efficient caching techniques, PWAs optimise resource use, enhance user engagement, and contribute to energy conservation.

Betkiwi's Green Goals

Betkiwi’s Green Goals

True environmental sustainability is an ongoing goal. We’re proud of our accomplishments but remain focused on setting and achieving even more green goals in the future. We plan to:

  1. Continue sourcing more renewable energy for powering our website and digital infrastructure.
  2. Implement server virtualisation to lower energy consumption.
  3. Enhance our content delivery network to reduce latency and energy waste.
  4. Update our platforms regularly to utilise the latest in energy-efficient technology.
  5. Foster a workplace culture focused on sustainability through employee education.
  6. Use environmentally responsible marketing materials for all promotions.
  7. Conduct biennial reviews of our sustainability practices to ensure steady improvement.

We Welcome Your Feedback

Have thoughts on how we can improve BetKiwi’s environmental efforts? Head over to our Contact Us page and email us your feedback or questions.

Further Reading

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