The Biggest Myths About Online Casinos

There are always people that want to ruin our fun, and that is no different in the online gambling world. Unfortunately, some people spread misinformation or myths about online casinos, which makes potential players avoid the sites or misuse the platforms. But don’t worry because the team at Betkiwi is here to bust those myths.

We have found the biggest myths about online casinos that people believe and for each one, we will provide you with accurate information to enhance your gambling experience. After reading these, you can go to the casino of your choice knowing that you have all the correct details and potentially bring home the big bucks.

Online Casinos are Unsafe

Too many people avoid playing at online casinos because they believe they aren’t safe, meaning they could cause damage to their finances or potentially result in losing sensitive data to thieves and fraudsters. However, this is a common myth and any trusted gambling platform is now regulated by reputable authorities and implements strong security measures.

Trustworthy online casinos care about keeping your personal information and financial data safe, using the latest SSL encryption technology to protect it. Alongside this, the websites go through regular audits from independent authorities to ensure all the security measures are still up to scratch.

You can also rest assured that you’re being looked after at reliable online casinos because they use random number generators for fair play and offer a wide range of materials and tools to promote responsible gambling.

Did you know? The first online casino was made public in 1996 and was called InterCasino

Online Casinos are Not Regulated

People avoid online casinos because they think they aren’t regulated. They mistakenly think that online casinos can do what they want without regulations and choose their own rules without repercussions. However, this just isn’t true, as the online casino industry is one of the most heavily regulated industries in the world.

While there are the odd few illegitimate online casinos that try to slip through the cracks without any regulations, most are overseen by a reputable regulatory authority. These organisations ensure that gambling platforms operate fairly and legally while always protecting their players.

There are various reputable regulatory authorities, such as the United Kingdom Gambling Authority, the Malta Gambling Authority, and the Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association. You can check whether an online casino is licensed and regulated by checking the bottom of their website, the About Us page, or the authority’s directory.

Online Casinos Have Poor Customer Service

The last thing you want when trying out an online casino for the first time is lousy customer service. This is especially the case because when you’re trying out features and need a little assistance, you want to get a helping hand immediately. Luckily, most online casinos provide 24/7 customer support through live chats, emails, and phone calls.

Support centers at online casinos are committed to providing next-level service, giving players prompt replies regarding their concerns and complaints. These gambling sites have a lot of competition, so they put a lot of resources into their customer support to help them stand out.

If you want to ensure you choose an online casino with the best customer support and options that suit you, tons of reviews are always available online, especially on Betkiwi. These can help you make an informed decision when choosing a reliable site.

Online Casinos Do Not Offer Bonuses

Trying before you buy is always great, especially when you’re unsure about spending your money on something. When first signing up for an online casino, you want to ensure it’s a good match for you, therefore, you don’t want to deposit too much, to begin with. Luckily, the myth that online casinos don’t offer bonuses is entirely false and gives you a good start on these sites.

There is often always a welcome bonus for you to take advantage of at online casinos, and these often include free spins or cash. While you might need to make a minimum deposit before you can redeem this sort of bonus, typically it isn’t too much, and you get to try out new games and features.

But the welcome bonus isn’t the only promotion available. As a regular customer, you may also find no deposit bonuses, free spins, reload bonuses, cashback offers, and loyalty rewards to enhance your time at the casino.

Online Casinos Do Not Offer Real Money

The thrill of gambling is the potential to win some real money, so why would you play at online casinos if they aren’t paying out this sort of cash? Well, sure enough, they do, and the fact that they don’t is just a myth. As a player, you can deposit some of your own money, place bets on your favourite games, and possibly bring home the big bucks – for real.

A wide range of secure and convenient payment methods are also available at reputable online casinos, allowing you to deposit and withdraw your money safely. You can trust that your financial data is safe through SSL encryption technology, so there’s little chance of losing your hard-earned winnings.

People who state that online casinos do not offer real money may just be confused because there are demo versions of most games where you can test out the rules and practice strategies. However, you can win real money when you play the actual games.

Did you know? The online casino industry is now a global multi-billion dollar industry

Online Casinos Do Not Allow Withdrawals

When you’ve put a lot of time and effort into playing games at an online casino and even deposited your own funds, you want to be able to access your winnings. Many people spread misinformation that online casinos do not offer the chance to withdraw, but this is not the case.

While a few rogue and unlicensed online casinos like to ruin things for the rest of us, any reliable website will allow and even encourage you to cash out your winnings. They offer a wide range of withdrawal methods ranging from bank transfers and e-wallets, and depending on the payment option, they do try to get your funds to you as quickly as possible.

However, one thing to remember is that withdrawals differ in each online casino, such as how much you can withdraw at a time, the available payment methods, and the timeframe you’ll receive your winnings.

Online Casinos Target Vulnerable Players

Online casinos are there to provide players with a fun, immersive playing experience and therefore don’t want to cause any issues. This is also why they provide responsible gambling tools and resources for people suffering from addiction or feeling like they may need a break. You can use features like deposit limits and self-exclusion options and get hold of contact links to support groups and organisations.

There are also strict verification procedures account holders need to go through, such as confirming their age and identity. This proves they don’t allow anyone to access the site and games.

Online Casinos are Rigged

The myth that online casinos are rigged has been around since the first gambling website opened. People don’t trust technology and believe that casinos can prevent you from winning or that there are ways you can cheat the system. However, with the use of random number generators (RNGs), there is no opportunity for this.

The RNGs at online casinos are continuously updated and verified through regular audits performed by independent authorities such as eCOGRA. Similarly, if an online casino is found to rig its games in any way, it would be breaching its licensing regulations and, therefore, potentially face severe consequences.

There may have been a couple of cases in the past, where online casinos have rigged games, but these have been reported and dealt with. You won’t have to worry about this issue as long as you play games at a reliable and regulated online casino.

Online Casinos Help You Get Rich

Too many people go into online casinos with the idea they are going to come back with hundreds and thousands of dollars, however this is the wrong idea to have. There is no guarantee that you will hit the jackpot at an online casino, and therefore you can’t rely on one of these sites to get you rich.

Since online casinos are designed to have a house edge, there is a much higher chance of the casino keeping your funds than you receiving big winnings back. While there is still a chance of winning, you need to go into your gambling experience with the expectation of losses and the potential of small wins rather than big ones.

The problem with a myth like this is that people may continue depositing money they don’t have to try and win big. Therefore, it is always a good idea to make the most out of the responsible gambling tools offered at online casinos to ensure you don’t experience a massive loss.

Did you know? Online casinos offer attractive bonuses and promotions to encourage players to sign up and keep playing with them

Conclusion About Online Casino Myths

Online casinos can be a lot of fun, especially if you go in knowing the facts about them. There will always be misinformation around, but before you believe it, you should do your research, check casino licences, and online reviews. This will ensure your overall experience is positive and stop you from falling victim to any scams.

At Betkiwi, we aim to offer you the most accurate information regarding online casinos. Make the most of all features, and ensure you read the terms and conditions carefully to understand them all.

FAQs About Online Casino Myths

Still have a couple of questions about online casino myths? Well, we have a couple more answers for you.

Do online casinos really pay out winnings?

Yes, when you deposit money and play at a reputable online casino, they will pay out your winnings through the payment method of your choice.

Are online casinos safe?

Any casino with a licence from a reputable authority puts your safety first, through various protocols and SSL encryption technology.

Are online casinos illegal in New Zealand?

While no gambling companies based in New Zealand can open up an online casino, New Zealand residents can play at websites based in other jurisdictions.

Can you withdraw real money from online casinos?

Yes. If you play games at an online casino and manage to win money into your bankroll, you can withdraw your winnings into your bank account using the payment method of your choice.

Can online casinos be trusted?

If an online casino holds a valid gambling licence, has positive player reviews, and has transparent terms and conditions, you can generally trust it.

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