NZ Gambling Trends in 2024

As we near the midway point of 2024, we thought it a good time to reflect on some trends we’ve noticed by looking at our website visits and talking with our readers. What follows is an overview of how our fellow Kiwi gamblers see the casino and sports betting industries in 2024 so far. We’ll go over various topics in detail, explaining each trend and comparing it to our findings from the previous year. Let’s get started, shall we?

New Zealand Gaming Trends in 2024

How We Collected the Data

While our data is mostly based on internal research about visits to our site, we also wanted some fresh perspectives so we reached out to you directly with questions about how you interact with our site and what you look for when searching for online casinos and sportsbooks. We then combined both sets of data to create a list of nine different points and compared them to similar research we conducted last year (but never got around to publishing!) The final results, we believe, truly represent how Kiwis feel about online gambling and sports betting in 2024. Without further ado, let’s take a closer look:

Preferred Gambling Devices

Let’s start with a topic we’re sure many of you are interested in the most – how do our fellow Kiwi gamblers interact with the world of online casinos and sportsbooks? Here are our results, based on data gathered in 2024 so far, and compared to the previous year.

  • Smartphones: 55% (-3% from 2023)
  • Tablets: 20% (+3% from 2023)
  • Desktop Computers: 15% (no change)
  • Laptops: 8% (no change)
  • Other Devices (e.g. smart TVs, consoles): 2% (no change)

Our data shows that smartphones continue to be the most popular device for accessing online gambling sites, although there has been a slight decrease of 3% from 2023. Tablets have seen an increase in usage by 3%, becoming the second most preferred device of Kiwis. Desktop computers, laptops, and other devices remain far less popular in comparison.

Demand for NZD Support at Casinos

Next up, we wanted to find out how important it is for our readers to have the option of using local currency at online casinos.

  • Casinos with NZD Support: 85% (+3% from 2023)
  • Casinos without NZD Support: 15% (-3% from 2023)

The demand for casinos supporting New Zealand dollars (NZD) has increased by 3% in 2024, indicating a growing preference for localized currency support among players. As it stands, 17 out of 20 Kiwis want access to their local currency when looking for an online casino.

Popularity of Low Deposit Casinos

How important are low initial deposit requirements to Kiwis when choosing an online casino or sportsbook? Here’s what we found.

  • Players Seeking Low Deposit Casinos: 65% (+2% from 2023)
  • Players That Don’t Prioritise Low Deposit Casinos: 35% (-2% from 2023)

The popularity of low-deposit casinos has slightly increased by 2% in 2024, suggesting that more New Zealand players are looking for cost-effective options. At the time of this research, more than two-thirds of our readers are seeking low-deposit casinos.

Interest in Bonuses and Promotions

We imagine that most players in New Zealand look to welcome bonuses and other promotions when choosing whether to try out a new casino or sportsbook. But, which ones are the most popular?

  • Welcome Bonuses: 90% (+2% from 2023)
  • Loyalty Programs: 70% (+2% from 2023)
  • Other Promotional Offers: 80% (+2% from 2023)

It comes as little surprise to us that the various promotional offers at casinos are the main draw for Kiwi players. Compared to 2023, we’ve seen an across-the-board increase, with the welcome bonuses still being the most popular type of promotion, drawing nine out of ten of our players to sign up with a new casino.

Popular Gambling & Sports Betting Topics

Popular Gambling Topics

So, what do kiwis mostly want to play online? Our research gives some interesting insights.

  • Online Casinos: 40% (+2% from 2023)
  • Slot Machines: 30% (-2% from 2023)
  • Table Games (e.g., Blackjack, Poker): 15% (+1% from 2023)
  • Live Dealer Games: 10% (no change from 2023)
  • Others (e.g. Bingo, Lotteries): 5% (-1% from 2023)

As expected, pages covering online casinos were the most popular content on our website when it comes to casinos. In 2024 they have become even more popular, with a 2% increase in interest, while interest in slot machines has decreased by 2%. Table games have seen a slight increase in popularity by 1%, and live dealer games remained steady with no change. Interest in other forms of gambling, such as bingo and lotteries had a slight 1% decrease compared to 2023.

Popular Sports Betting Topics

In terms of sports, we expected football to dominate, but some of the results surprised us.

  • Football Betting: 45% (+3% from 2023)
  • Rugby Betting: 30% (+2% from 2023)
  • Horse Racing: 15% (-1% from 2023)
  • Other Sports (e.g., Cricket, Basketball): 10% (-4% from 2023)

According to our data, football betting continues to grow in popularity, with a 3% increase, making it the most preferred sport for betting among New Zealand players. Rugby betting interest has also increased by 2%, while that in horse racing was down by 1%. Other sports, including cricket and basketball, have seen a significant decrease in interest by 4%, suggesting a narrowing focus on the top sports in our Betkiwi betting community.

Mobile Gaming, Accessibility, & Security

Interest in Mobile Accessibility

We’ve already established that smartphones and tablets are the most popular ways our readers interact with online casinos and sportsbooks. But, how important is a mobile-first approach to them, and what percentage of our readers place emphasis on casinos that take this route when designing their websites?

  • Mobile-First Experience: 70% (+1% from 2023)
  • Desktop/Non-Mobile: 30% (-1% from 2023)

The preference for mobile-first gambling experiences has further increased by 1% in 2024, reflecting the ongoing trend towards mobile accessibility in the gambling sector. Conversely, desktop or non-mobile preferences have decreased by 1%, indicating a continued shift towards mobile-friendly platforms. Although the year-on-year change is small, we can now notice that seven out of ten of our readers will not even bother with casinos that do not have mobile gaming at the forefront of their strategy.

Preference for Local Themes

How much do Kiwis care about online slots and other games that use NZ-specific themes or artwork? We tried to find out.

  • Interest in Local Themes: 60% (+1% from 2023)
  • Indifference to Local Themes: 40% (-1% from 2023)

Interest in games with local themes has seen a slight increase of 1%, suggesting a growing appreciation for culturally relevant content among players. Although there aren’t many online slots or casinos aimed specifically at New Zealanders and promoting Kiwi or Māori culture, our players show clear favouritism for those that do exist, showing a potential market opportunity for new casinos or sportsbooks.

Focus on Safety and Fair Play

Here at Betkiwi, we place special emphasis on safe and responsible gambling. But how important are these things for our readers? Let’s take a look.

  • Emphasis on Safe and Fair Play: 85% (+2% from 2023)
  • No Interest in Such Topics: 15% (-2% from 2023

We are proud to note that our readers have taken our responsible gambling message to heart. Compared to 2023, there is a further increased emphasis on safe and fair play online, with 85% of our readers now taking special care to find safe and fair online gambling experiences.

Summary of NZ Gambling Trends in 2024

Our research has given us some interesting new insights into what our readers want from their online casinos and sportsbooks and how they like interacting with those platforms. While we were not surprised at most information we gathered (such as the majority of our readers accessing content from mobile devices), there were some interesting trends to note, such as the high popularity of online operators that include options to deposit and withdraw funds in NZ’s local currency. We are also happy to see our players prioritising safe and responsible online gambling, which is a cause our site champions wholeheartedly. We hope that this information will be as interesting and useful to you, dear readers, as it was to us. Until next time!

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