How Can I Gamble Online Safely?

Online gambling is a go-to activity for many people, and the experts at Betkiwi want to ensure you’re all doing it as safely as possible. That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to provide you with all the information you need about the risks of using online casinos, a primer on safe gambling practices, and where to get help if things get out of hand.

Understanding the Risks of Online Gambling

Online gambling can be a fun pastime, but it can also be very risky. Here are some of the main risks you should be aware of:


Due to its mix of easy accessibility and quick dopamine boosts, gambling can be highly addictive. While not the case for everyone, some people may enjoy the rush of potential wins so much that they spend all their free time spending money at online casinos. This can lead to a wide range of financial and personal problems.

Financial Loss

There may be a chance to win big, but you are just as likely to lose a lot of money. Since you usually have to deposit funds before placing bets or playing games, you may never get it back. And if you continue to keep adding more money into your account without any wins, you could end up at a significant financial loss.

Security Issues

When signing up for an account or depositing money, you must provide online casinos with a fair amount of personal and financial information. While most trusted websites will have measures to protect your data, there is always a risk of data breaches and identity theft.

Social Isolation

Gambling online takes away a lot of the social elements of playing in a land-based casino, and therefore can become quite a solitary activity. If you become addicted and spend all your time spinning slots or trying your hand at video poker, you can often isolate yourself from your friends and family.

Illegitimate Sites

There are hundreds of reputable online casinos available on the internet. Sadly, there are also those that will try to take advantage of you through fraud. Some online casinos do not have any licensing or regulations, offer unrealistic bonuses or promotionss, and either delay withdrawals for as long as possible or will flat-out refuse to pay you.

Did you know? Online gambling isn’t legal in all countries.

Identifying Legitimate Online Gambling Sites

As mentioned above, there are various illegitimate online casinos out there, and you want to try and avoid them at all costs. Therefore, you’ll want to know the best ways to find reliable online gambling websites, which you can do by checking the following:


Legitimate gambling sites will hold a licence from a reputable gaming authority such as the Malta Gaming Authority or the UK Gambling Commission. These regulate the casinos, ensuring they comply with various laws and fair gambling measures. You can often find the licensing information at the bottom of the website or in the About Us section.

Clear Contact Information

If an online casino is legit, they’ll want to help you when you need assistance. Therefore, they’ll have clearly visible contact information and a range of contact methods, including email, phone, and live chat support. Some illegitimate sites might have contact information but won’t respond when you reach out.

Player Reviews

The best way to learn about other online gambling sites is to find out everything other players think about them, and that’s why it’s always a great idea to look at reviews. Check out various review sites and forums and see what other users say about their casino experiences and if they have any recommendations. If most of the casino’s reviews are negative, you should avoid that site.

Secure Payment Methods

Since transactions are where most illegitimate casino sites will try to scam you, you want to ensure that you’re using an online casino with trustworthy payment methods like Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, and Neteller. You should also check that the available banking options use SSL encryption technology to protect your data.

Fair Play Measures

Many illegitimate online gambling sites will rig their games to stop you from winning, so you want to look for platforms that use certified random number generators (RNGs). These ensure that all outcomes are fair and there are no ways to cheat the system. You can find this information by seeking certification from independent auditing agencies like eCOGRA.

Responsible Gambling Tools

Reputable online casinos care about you and want you to have fun while gambling responsibly. Therefore, there should be a section on the site housing responsible gambling information. Any reputable online casino should also provide players with a wide range of responsible gambling tools such as self-exclusion and deposit limits.

Clear Terms and Conditions

Almost all gambling sites will have a Terms and Conditions section but only trust those with clear rules and requirements that don’t try to hide anything in the fine print. You should be wary if any website uses ambiguous terms or if you find it hard to understand the requirements regarding withdrawals and bonuses.


Before you sign up for an account at an online casino, you should check whether it’s on any blacklist. This type of list tends to call out gambling sites that have previously tried to scam other players or don’t have proper licensing. You can often find a blacklist on gambling watchdog websites.

Researching Online Gambling Regulations

When researching online gambling regulations, remember that New Zealand may differ from other countries. However, as a general rule, wherever you are in the world, you should look up regulations to get a better picture of what to expect:

  • Is gambling legal? Before signing up for an online casino account, ensure that gambling is legal in your country or jurisdiction.
  • Regulatory authorities: Find which regulators offer licences to the online gambling sites in the country you’re trying to gamble in.
  • Licensing requirements: Check which requirements an online casino needs to meet to obtain a licence.
  • Games: Look at what types of games you can play in your jurisdiction and which software providers are available. Some might allow online slots and table games but restrict things like sports betting.
  • Player protection measures: Some countries’ regulations require gambling sites to offer responsible gambling tools like self-exclusion and deposit limits.
  • Advertising rules: There might be restrictions on how much an online casino can advertise its offerings, and rules to prevent it from spreading misleading information.
  • Payment methods: Look up the regulations related to banking methods, as some jurisdictions might limit your payment options.

Setting Limits On Gambling Activity

If you’re starting to worry about how much you’re gambling online or want to prevent your activities from getting out of control, there are a few ways to go about it:

Set a Budget

The problem many players face at gambling sites is spending more than they can afford or dipping into funds they need to spend on other things like rent and bills. That’s why it’s always a good idea to set aside a gambling budget you know you can afford so it won’t negatively affect your life.

Set Deposit Limits

If you’re worried you’ll go over your budget, you can set a deposit limit on your online casino account. Many gambling sites offer responsible gambling tools, and this is one such tool.

Set Time Limits

People often gamble to let off some steam but things can quickly get out of hand and you can lose track of time. Therefore, setting time limits is another good way to ensure you are not spending too much time online.

Take Self-Exclusion Periods

If you ever find that your gambling has gotten out of control and want to take a break, you can use the self-exclusion tool at your online casino. This will prevent you from accessing your bankroll or playing casino games during the specified period.

Take Breaks

If you haven’t set a time limit, you should at least take regular gambling breaks. This will allow you to reassess how much you’re playing and help you control your emotions better.

Verifying the Security of Online Gambling Sites

If you wish to verify the security of an online casino, there are some things you can do:

  • Look for https:// in the website URL.
  • Ensure it has a valid licence.
  • Read user reviews about its reputation.
  • Check for SSL encryption and reliable payment methods.

Payment Methods

There are various factors to consider when choosing which payment method to use at an online casino. Sometimes it’s just personal preference, but you can also look at things like security and transfer speed.

If you want a reputable and secure payment method, it’s best to use your debit or credit card, an e-wallet (for example, PayPal or Skrill), or a bank transfer. Ensure that the option you’re after is supported by the site you are planning to gamble on.

Look for payment methods with low transaction fees, fast processing times, or specific bonuses attached to using that option.

Understanding the Terms & Conditions of Online Gambling

It’s always a good idea to read the terms and conditions of a casino site before you sign up for an account, as it can help keep you safe and ensure you have all the relevant information.

Start by reading through each section of the terms and conditions document carefully, such as how to create an account, the rules regarding deposits and withdrawals, bonuses and promotions, and responsible gambling. Some specific information you should look for includes the wagering requirements, minimum deposits and withdrawals, and the countries which the casino operates in.

Additional information to pay attention to includes the site’s privacy policy, security measures, and dispute resolution procedures. Contact customer service if you are unsure about anything you’ve read in the Terms and Conditions document.

Gambling Addiction

Seeking Professional Help for Problem Gambling

Gambling addiction is a serious problem, but it’s never too late to get assistance. Here are some ways to seek professional help:

  • Before reaching out for help from anyone you have to admit you have a problem.
  • Contact a gambling addiction helpline where you can receive anonymous and non-judgmental help and advice.
  • Receive counselling from a therapist trained in helping with gambling addiction.
  • Frequent support groups where you can share your experience with others who have gone through the same things.
  • Talk to your family and friends about your gambling problem and ask for their support.

Conclusion About Safe Online Gambling

Safe gambling is an essential consideration for anyone into iGaming. By following the practices that our experts at Betkiwi have recommended, you can make the most out of your time at online casinos and minimise the risk of getting scammed or developing a gambling addiction.

FAQs About Safe Online Gambling

You can never receive too much information about safe gambling practices, which is why we’ve put together some frequently asked questions to help you out:

Is online gambling safe?

Yes, online gambling can be safe as long as you use a website with a valid gambling license and use secure payment methods that implement SSL encryption.

How can I find out if an online casino is legit?

There are various tell-tale signs of whether an online casino is legitimate. The first is that they carry a licence from a reputable authority. Others include transparent terms and conditions and positive user reviews.

How can I protect my personal and financial data?

You don’t want your details to get into the wrong hands at an online casino, so ensure you’re using a gambling website with an https:// URL. You can also protect your data by using a strong password for your account and only using secure network connections.

Do online casinos implement fair practices?

Good online casinos ensure that all the outcomes of each game are fair and random through the use of random number generators.

What are responsible gambling policies?

Responsible gambling policies protect players’ rights, keep them safe, and work to prevent gambling addiction. Sites following such policies typically have various tools and resources aimed at helping players.

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